SolarKing powers up the Cancer Society

20 January 2015

SolarKing is helping power up the Cancer Society in a partnership that will save the charity thousands of dollars in power expenditure, freeing up funds to support cancer patients and their families.

The partnership will help achieve a fully operational solar power system on Cancer Society’s Domain Lodge in Auckland.

“For me, one of the most beneficial applications of solar power is providing power to not for profit organisations, so the resulting power savings can help the community,” says Roy Maddox, CEO of SolarKing.

“Cancer Society’s Domain Lodge is an ideal candidate for solar energy as it uses a lot of its power throughout the day. That means all power generated by solar panels during daylight hours is directly reducing its power bills. Any excess power generated during the day is returned to the grid and is credited off the remaining power usage at the end of each month.”

Domain Lodge is a home away from home for people coming from out of town for cancer treatment at Auckland Hospital’s Regional Cancer Centre. It is also the central hub from which Cancer Society Auckland operates.

John Loof, Chief Executive of Cancer Society Auckland Division, says, “We are always looking at ways to reduce our operating costs so that we can channel funds into those core activities that have a direct impact on people going through cancer.

“Every day 60 New Zealanders will be told they have cancer.  Cancer Society wants to make sure no one goes through this journey alone and fewer people walk it in the future.”

“Roy’s suggestion is therefore very timely, as it means we can reduce the funds spent on power every year – presently around $75,000 – freeing up these funds for better things. Once installed, the system will continue to deliver these savings for as long as it continues to operate”.

To fund the project, called “Power Up the Cancer Society”, SolarKing and Cancer Society Auckland are inviting business or individuals to pay for a panel – $600 including full system componentry and installation – as a one-off cost. Once the total of 126 donated panels is achieved, the system will be installed and the savings will begin to flow.

The project was launched in December but already a total of 39 panels have been donated, including 12 panels donated by SolarKing to kick the scheme off.

SolarKing is involved with two other community projects to date, Peria School in Northland and the Mid-Northland Hospice. Roy loves the fact that the whole community can get involved, as a business, an individual or a group of people pooling their money to buy a panel or panels.

He says, “There’s a really strong community bond created through this kind of involvement, and we have found people really enjoy the fact that their donation continues to deliver for years to come. In this case, our systems are guaranteed for 25 years.”

If you would like to find out more about donating a panel to the project, go to