Sustainable Agriculture: a 'how-to' course

3 March 2014

A course in Sustainable Agriculture will teach Kiwi farmers how to integrate key sustainable farming practices.

Horticultural, agricultural and associated industry farmers will have the opportunity to increase their productivity and reduce their environmental impact by attending a four day Nutri-Tech Solutions course.

The course, hosted by Franko Solutions and held at Trinity Wharf in Tauranga from 17-20 March, will show farmers key sustainable farming practices, which will enable farmers to increase yields and plant health, while reducing spending and chemical input.

“Farmers and growers do not have to sacrifice profit and productivity to farm in an environmentally sustainable way, and this course will show them how it’s possible,” says Daniel Schuurman, Director of Franko Solutions.

Led by Graeme Sait, expat Kiwi and co-founder of Nutri-Tech Solutions of Australia, the course has been likened to receiving a four year degree in four days, based on the amount of information conveyed.

“Balance, both mineral and biological – is the keystone of this approach, but there are numerous management tips, tricks and synergies that complete the equation. The bottom line is the fact that this holistic precision approach simply outperforms the conventional approach,” says Daniel.

Servicing more than 15,000 growers, with more than 200 products exported to 40 countries, Nutri-Tech Solutions is the largest biological growing solutions company in the world.

Daniel says Franko Solutions became New Zealand agents for Nutri-Tech after using their products and system in its rose breeding business, Franko Roses.

“We found we could breed roses for disease resistance but genetics was just part of the answer. How you grow plants is almost more important than what you grow. Using Nutri-Tech products we went from using 40 to 50 different pesticides to none,” he says.

The four day course will feature mineral management, microbe management, plant management and pest management with human health management interspersed throughout.

The course includes comprehensive presentations and hands-on workshops. The human health workshop is both entertaining and informative with attendees receiving a comprehensive report card on their personal health.

If you are interested in attending this course, contact Daniel Schuurman.