Sustainable Business Week: a reflection

28 January 2014

SBN members Deloitte and Element magazine collaborated to publish four articles in the NZ Herald as part of Sustainable Business Week at the end of 2013. The articles focus on the changing role of business in the post-global financial crisis world.

The series covers a wide range of sustainability issues relevant to business in New Zealand. In case you missed them, here are links to the four articles in the series:

This article looks at people’s connectivity with business and the role of business in society. It examines how we can evolve thought processes around the broader role of business.

The second in the series explains why business should step up and take broader responsibility in order to be successful, widening the scope of ‘success’ to include societal and environmental purpose.

The authors look at the role of governments and politicians in business, asking if they are keeping up with business-led thinking.

The final article discusses the steps a business needs to take in order to participate in solving some of the pressing issues that face society.

The lead author Nick Main is Chartered Accountant of the Year 2013, former CEO and Chairman of Deloitte NZ, past chairman of the NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development, and former head of Deloitte’s Global Sustainability practice. The second author is Jackie Robertson, an assurance partner at Deloitte New Zealand who specialises in sustainability and corporate responsibility reporting, governance and strategy.

Element magazine is published with the NZ Herald on the last Monday of each month and is also in the NZ Herald online.