Sustainable Coastlines invites you to training workshops and tree planting

17 June 2014

Sustainable Coastlines is a charitable trust that works with people around Aotearoa New Zealand to look after our local waterways. This winter, they are travelling around New Zealand, training people to repair and restore our waterways.

‘Love your Water’, a tree planting and training workshops tour, will take place around New Zealand until August 2014. It includes free training workshops, school presentations and tree plantings for Kiwis who are interested in improving the state of our waterways.

Training workshops will be run for adults and high school students. Attendees will learn how to educate, motivate and lead people in both education and tree planting events.

Communities will be equipped with a free set of resources and online tools, designed to increase local ownership, participation and promotion in events and education, helping people to look after their waterways.  

“We know there are passionate people around the country looking after the places we love: we want to learn from you all and work together to pass on knowledge to others,” says Sam Judd, CEO, Sustainable Coastlines.

“We are looking for collaborators for this project who can provide local expertise, venues, planting locations, suitable native trees, volunteers and funding for the project,” he says.

The Sustainable Business Network is collaborating with Sustainable Coastlines on our new waterway restoration project called Million Metres Streams (MMS).   It is designed to increase the speed and scale of waterway restoration by crowd funding, with the aim of planting one million metres of waterways across New Zealand.

By increasing funding from members of the public, charitable organisations and environmental groups, the MMS project will help to speed up the riparian planting of our rivers and streams and hence improve their health.   

Click here to find out when the Sustainable Coastlines team will be in your region. 

SBN will be launching the Million Metres Streams Project in the next couple of months. For further information or to get involved, please contact Rebecca Keen, MMS Project manager.

If you would like to support Sustainable Coastlines and their work, please visit