Sustainable KiwiSaver fund: have your say on where your savings are being spent

25 May 2014

Do you want your savings to support more sustainable companies? If so, take part in a quick survey to help drive demand for a sustainable KiwiSaver fund.


“Responsible investment is just as powerful as responsible consumption as a way of shifting us quickly to a sustainable world. KiwiSaver plans have a vital role in helping us do that.”  Rod Oram, business journalist

Do you know where your savings in KiwiSaver are being invested? If you care about which companies your savings are supporting, your input can help drive demand for a sustainable KiwiSaver fund. We would love to hear your views, so take this quick survey (less than five minutes) and be part of a collective voice.

KiwiSaver funds have little to no sustainability criteria. This means that when fund managers select companies to invest in on your behalf, they don’t include environmental or social factors as part of their investment criteria.

“A growing number of New Zealand businesses are providing solutions to some of our environmental and social issues. We want to develop investment criteria that will help to grow these sorts of businesses,” says Rachel Brown, CEO of the Sustainable Business Network.

“A set of positive criteria, which would align well with SBN’s aim of turning New Zealand into a model sustainable nation, would reward companies in areas such as clean technologies, sustainable agriculture and more.”

The survey forms part of the Sustainable Business Network’s project to identify demand and create a sustainable KiwiSaver fund for New Zealand. The results of the survey will be taken to the finance industry to find a solution.

“We want to know what you want from a sustainable KiwiSaver investment fund,” says Rachel. “So if you care, take this quick survey and be part of a collective voice taking ownership of their savings.”

We’re aiming for 5000 responses to show the investment community that New Zealanders care, so please pass it on and share on your social media channels!


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