The 2020s are here. Things have to change.

By Holly Leach

The Now Crowd's Event
And The Now Crowd is here to show you how…

2019 was an exciting, yet terrifying, year. The international student climate strikes clearly demonstrated a collective need that things must change – and fast!  A demand for climate justice, end to fossil fuels, and an urgent need for those in power to listen is key.

However, increased rises in temperature, extreme weather conditions, heatwaves and droughts still flood the news daily. And the response still seems to be the application of Band-Aids rather than addressing the root cause.

So what now? What can you do?

Millennials and Generation Y are leading the way when it comes to climate action. Business as usual is no longer an option – we need ways of doing business and it is the young ’uns that are pushing the hardest for this.

Does this sound a bit like you?

Do you want to play a part in the global shift to a more sustainable world for people and the planet? Yet, are you overwhelmed by what is going on, with no idea where to start?

The Now Crowd is here to help! And now more than ever, we need to come together and create the right mindset – one that embraces rather than fears (or even ignores).

The Now Crowd is a group of young people, who are in the early stages of their careers and eager to drive sustainability initiatives within their organisations. Members of The Now Crowd receive the tools, resources, events, network and mentorship from sustainability experts to make a positive impact and the opportunity to lead change!

We currently have 150 young people who are members of The Now Crowd, all from different businesses and industries across Auckland and the Bay of Plenty.

And we need you too!

The Colmar Brunton Better Futures report found that “Building a solid reputation around sustainability starts with employees”. And, “Brands that have been recognized as leaders in sustainability are working from the inside out”. Therefore, smart business is recognising this and supporting all its staff to drive sustainability too!

The Now Crowd has some exciting things planned for 2020: kicking the year off with a Transport Sprint, collaborative events, workshops, social days in the community and more new resources to help you on your journey!

Sound like you? Sign up to be a Now Crowd member now.

Alternatively, email Holly, The Now Crowd Project Lead for more information (holly@sustainable.org.nz)

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