The countdown is on at the Million Metres Streams Project

6 October 2015

New Zealanders care about the health of our waterways, but it can be hard for many people to get involved in stream restoration. The Million Metres Streams Project has a crowdfunding campaign running until 31 October to make it easy to donate.

It only takes a moment to get online and support the projects currently listed on the Million Metres website:

The Million Metres Streams Project has three streams fundraising for critical stream planting works in the Hawke’s Bay and Wellington regions that will:

  • Restore native wildlife and ecosystems
  • Protect freshwater and secure a healthy environment for future generations
  • Prevent erosion of the stream bank and pollution of the stream.

Belmont Stream

Belmont Stream is a tributary of Porirua Stream and is one of just a few remaining natural lowland streams in Wellington. Woodridge Planters Trust and the Seton Nossiter Park Working Group have led the stream restoration in this area, bringing together the entire community around taking care of local waterways. Belmont Stream has reached nearly 80 per cent of its fundraising target to complete the next stage of planting. There is $4000 left to raise by the end of October.

Taharoa/Grandy Lake and Pongoroa Station

The Whangawehi Catchment Management Group is fundraising for two riparian planting projects in their Hawke’s Bay catchment: Taharoa/Grandy Lake and Pongoroa Station. Both projects have raised 60 per cent of the funds needed so far.

The Whangawhei group is working to restore the mauri of the waterway with the aim of leaving it healthy for future generations.

“The Whangawehi Stream running through our property is culturally, physically and spiritually significant to the people of Mahia. We want to help return health to the Awa. Already we have retired 10 ha of land, built 1.5 km of fence, and planted 16000 trees. This year we plan to plant another 20000 trees.”

Pat and Sue O’Brien, Taharoa Trust

All three projects are now down to the last 26 days to meet their targets on the Million Metres website, before the fundraisers close and the projects begin the work to actually get trees in the ground. You can get online now to support the incredible work these groups are doing, and make a difference to the health of our waterways today and for years to come.

Over the coming months many new riparian planting projects from all over New Zealand will be listing with Million Metres, so keep an eye on the website for a project restoring a waterway you know and care about.