The Green Living Show in Auckland – get your well-being working this weekend

28 June 2016

The most expensive thing in your office is you. So how do we keep in good physical shape to do our best work?

I would never work for a company with a ‘work hard, play hard’ atmosphere. To me it just means ‘stressed out and alcoholic’. You might be reading this thinking “well, it’s not exactly The Wolf of Wall Street’ around here…” But that doesn’t mean to say your ‘normal’ office culture is particularly healthy.

Most modern office jobs work like this. Take one human body. It evolved for a highly active hunter/gatherer lifestyle. It is geared to deal with limited access to calories. It is regulated by daily and seasonal cycles. Make it sit in a chair for eight hours a day. Give it unlimited access to food. Ignore daylight and seasonal signals.

Add to this that according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development around 14% of employees in New Zealand work very long hours. Then there’s commuting, which can mean another hour or so of sitting around.

In any case the nine-to-five, let alone the eight-to-six, might be robbing you of your natural sleep rhythms. Recent research on this was done by Dr Paul Kelley of Oxford University. He found our sleep patterns are controlled by light receptors in our eyes. These cycles change with age. If you are 18-24 you are likely to be two hours out of whack. This is because your natural waking time is likely to be 9am. Anybody working standard hours aged 24-55 is probably out of synch by at least an hour and a half. Going to bed early doesn’t make up for it. You still won’t be getting the right sleep at the right time.

This might explain why so much of office culture revolves around the coffee machine, sugary cakes and alcohol. We spend a lot of time trying to artificially push our energy levels around to make them match up with the artificial schedule we have opposed on them. It doesn’t really work.

But short of throwing away the clock and freelancing from the wilderness, what can we do about it?

This weekend this year’s Green Living Show at the ASB Showgrounds in Auckland is featuring tools and skills to boost workplace wellness and manage stress. 

On Sunday at 10.30am Kat McKay Success & Wellness Coach at Focus Coaching Hub will give a seminar entitled “Reframing Workplace Wellness: A Four Dimensional Approach.” An hour later Kim Knight of will share the Mickel Therapy ‘Boundary’ Key.  This provides a simple hands-on and practical technique to deal with bullying in the workplace. 

The Green Living Show includes 45 seminars on health, ecobuild, clean energy, food and wellness. There will also be a range of exhibitors and demonstrations. For the first time the show will also include pop-up fitness and yoga classes.

Why not invest a bit of time this weekend for a healthier working week?  

The Green Living Show is offering all fellow members of the Sustainable Business Network a $5 discount on tickets. You can buy tickets here and use PROMO CODE SBN16.