The Kiwi Diary: your kiwiana keepsake

3 February 2014

Got your 2014 diary yet? SBN’s newest member, The Kiwi Diary, creates New Zealand’s annual almanac of Kiwi culture, designed to entertain, inform and inspire, with a special offer for SBN members.

Designed to share inspirational content and remind us what life is all about: giving, celebration, people, music, food, shared experience, debate and adventure, the Kiwi Diary is chock full of Kiwi content, designed by Kiwis, for Kiwis.

The Kiwi Diary began 10 years ago, when two friends, Annabel Wilson and Freda Wells decided to create a publication that showcased the fresh artistic styles of their peers, but also appealed to the wider zeitgeist, including the then-emerging wave of environmental and socially-minded awareness edging into the mainstream.

“We wanted to share information that would encourage a flourishing community, spreading inspiration and good values, while being responsible toward people and the planet,” says Freda, curator and creator of the Kiwi Diary.

The design process is very much a collaborative process, beginning with a call for contributors through a diverse range of channels. 

“Concurrently I’m networking and building relationships with like-minded organisations and businesses, looking for community support whether that is through sponsors or stockists.  The process feels pretty organic at times, and serendipity seems to play a big part, which is a recurring feeling when you’re doing what you love,” says Freda.

The final diary design happens gradually over a few months, with final content chosen for being original, topical, inspiring and also with an eye to how it all will fit together as a whole. The Kiwi Diary is printed in New Zealand.

The Kiwi Diary is run as a social enterprise model, donating a portion of the profits to an environmental or social charity every year and offering free publicity to not-for-profit organisations.

“It’s a win-win; free advertising for them, while it helps us achieve our goal of creating an inspirational diary that reminds people of how much good is going on out there. For many of the contributors, appearing in The Kiwi Diary is the first time they’ve been published, so in a small way we’re also supporting New Zealand’s creative community,” says Freda.

The Kiwi Diary is offering a super special for SBN members, at $18 per 2014 diary. If you’re interested in purchasing a Kiwi Diary, contact 

Buy 5 or more Kiwi Diaries, and pay $16 per copy (this offer is available to non-members too). 

If you’re interested in submitting content for The Kiwi Diary 2015, whether it’s writing, poetry, art, photography, a recipe, article or essay, email