The new road to sustainable business leadership

By Jessica Beau Paul

Leaders in sustainability have a critical role to play in the preservation, protection, rejuvenation and governance of our natural world.

Do you want more purpose and meaning in your work? Do you want to lead the way to a sustainable future? 

The road to great leadership is ripe with both challenges and opportunities. If we are going to rise up to meet them, we need to become instruments for bringing a new reality into being. We can no longer do what we have always done.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus said “If you are following the same road, it will always take you to the same destination. If you want to go someplace else, you have to build new roads. People from the old roads will be against you, so you have to defy them.”

Our ability to build new roads and influence others to travel them with us, is directly related to our effectiveness as leaders. It’s having the bravery to ask the difficult questions – having a new vision, and the courage to make it happen.

Change is scary for people – even when the change is beneficial. There is a tendency to stick to what is familiar, and people will fight to keep things the same. So make no mistake – when you lead change, you will come up against resistance! The pertinent question then, is how do we overcome it? And what skills do we have, or can we develop, to be effective change-agents for a desirable future?

Leadership a journey into changing yourself, and we want to take you on that journey. Join us on the Leadership in Sustainability course in September this year. Meet the experts from across New Zealand including our very own CEO Rachel Brown. They will give you the core thinking you need to create impact and momentum.

You will lead discussions on leadership, strategy, and sustainability. You’ll experience culture and collaboration. You’ll discover the tangible ways that values and purpose can make real impact in the business world.

On completion of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the key sustainability issues and solutions of our time
  • How to apply this knowledge to create real value for your business
  • Understand how values positively affect the way we do business, and support customers and clients to make informed decisions
  • Engage in some te ao Maori concepts to connect with the natural world
  • Use key concepts in neuroscience to successfully influence and collaborate

This programme will equip you with the knowledge and tools to lead in sustainability. You can download more information about the course here.

The course runs for six days in total, over three months. The dates for the next Auckland course 2019 are:

  • 25-26 Sept
  • 16-17 Oct
  • 14-15 Nov

The cost is:

  • Complimentary for larger SBN members (one participant per year)
  • $2,500 for other SBN members (does not include individual membership)
  • $5,500 for non-SBN members