There’s still time

By Fiona Stephenson

Biking to work, driving an EV, having solar power, and eating vegan are great ways to help preserve our environment. But there is a FREE way you can have significant impact right NOW.

As members of the Sustainable Business Network, you are a part of an organisation that cares deeply about our collective future. We have a limited amount of time to make a submission to support a strong Zero Carbon Amendment Bill, but this comment period gives us – you, me, New Zealanders – the opportunity to tell the government that we are serious about our future. You can read SBN’s submission here. You can make your own submission here.

Here are our recommendations:

Limit to Offsetting Emissions – Theoretically, all greenhouse gas emissions except for biogenic methane could be offset by planting trees, with no reduction in actual gross emissions. We think there needs to be a limit to offsets, so that carbon emissions are actually reduced rather than offset.

Urgency and our 2030 target – a primary goal of the Bill is keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees C. To do so, SBN recommends setting a more ambitious 2030 target for long-lived gases and rethinking the 2030 target for biogenic methane.

The proposed 2030 biogenic methane target – the rationale for the proposed 10% target comes down to perceived equity more than science. Many people, including the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, think a 20% target is more appropriate, if we are to minimise emissions before 2030 and hopefully prevent warming above 1.5˚C. We think this is achievable, especially with strong action to reduce biogenic methane from the waste sector.

You are free to use these too, if you agree. Let’s make sure this important piece of legislation is not a toothless dragon. It needs to have some bite!