Three reasons to come to the Smart Transport Forum

28 July 2015

The way we move around cities and the supporting infrastructure is on the cusp of big change, with implications for planners, designers, transport managers, ICT, data gatherers, educators and insurers. Make sure you don’t get left behind.

A big shift is underway in smart transport, with new ways of moving around cities springing up globally. While New Zealand is still on the back foot, the rate of change is gathering momentum: we’re seeing the growth in biofuels, expansion of charging stations for electric vehicles, investment in our National Cycleway, new apps enabling carpooling and car-sharing, and all of Auckland’s trains now electric, as of last week.

Yet Auckland ranks near the bottom of international cities for transportation and infrastructure, according to a PwC report issued a few days ago, and New Zealand’s transport fleet is almost entirely reliant on fossil fuels. Emissions from transport alone make up 20 per cent of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions. Add to this, the fact that driving around our cities simply isn’t pleasant any more. 

The appetite for change is huge, with Auckland’s planners, businesses, academics and consultants working to shift this at speed and scale. 

The Smart Transport Forum, which will take place in Auckland on 6th August, will examine these issues and identify some possible solutions. Here are three reasons it’s a must-attend event:

  1. Spend a day with the US pioneer of smart transport and mobility

Gabe Klein, smart transport expert extraordinaire from the United States, is coming to New Zealand for the Forum. Gabe’s extensive experience includes pioneering carsharing in the US as Vice President of Zipcar and heading Washington DC’s Department of Transportation, where he launched the first large-scale bikeshare system in the US. Today he’s a social entrepreneur, helping technology and mobility start-ups and he’s involved in investment with Fontinalis Partners. He’s a pioneer and a doer and we can’t wait to spend a day with him!


  1. Catch up on the latest priorities from transport planners, data gatherers, solution providers and system disruptors

Hear from some of the leading New Zealanders who are leading the smart transport charge. They include Ed Hyde, CEO of Qrious; Victoria Carter, CEO of cityhop; Oscar Peppitt, General Manager of Uber NZ; Louise Baker, Principal Transportation Consultant with Opus; Carl Chenery, Sustainability Adviser with Auckland Transport; Karl Mischewski, Sustainability Manager at Gull; and Ryan Mearns from Generation Zero.

See the programme for the full list of speakers.

  1. Leave with an understanding of the potential scale and speed of change and how it will impact on your own business travel and products or services.

Take part in an interactive system mapping experience run by design experts DNA. Nico Neethling and Matt Ayers will use their system design expertise to look at your current experience of transport as well as uncovering your role in accelerating smart transport.

Find out more about the Smart Transport Forum.