Top 10 sustainability stories for 2021

By Phil Crawford

The Covid-19 pandemic may still be dominating the news for the second year running but it has also put a focus on sustainability and resilience. Based on readership, here are the top 10 stories from our website in 2021.

1. Pipe dream could help solve plastic milk bottle nightmare

A look at Solo Plastics’ plans to recycle millions of milk bottles and other plastic waste to make underground pipes

2. Kiwi business shows its bottle

A profile of Chunky, the drink bottle company helping put an end to single-use plastic bottles and supporting emerging artists at the same time.

3. What’s on the horizon? Predictions for sustainable business in 2021

Twelve predictions from across our network for a year that turned out to be…unpredictable.

4. Road cones offer beacon of hope

The story behind Proline Plastics’ bid to give the humble road cone a second life.

5. Have your say on the future of large batteries in New Zealand

The Battery Industry Group calls for public feedback on its plans for a product stewardship scheme for large batteries.

6. What the Climate Change Commission advice means for your business

A review of the initial advice from the New Zealand Climate Change Commission to the government and the impacts it could have on business.

7. T-shirt project puts spotlight on future of fashion

Mindful Fashion launches a project highlighting solutions to some of the sustainability challenges within the fashion industry.

8. Healthcare provider cracks secret of eternal life

A look at how the Auckland District Health Board is diverting thousands of tonnes of waste from going to landfill so it can be recycled and given another chance at life.

9. Plastics and recycling – time to get organised

An introduction to the key findings of our Plastic Packaging Masterclass 2020.

10. I want to stop frightening my kids, how about you?

SBN’s CEO Rachel Brown calls on all of us to take climate action for the sake of the next generations.