Top 10 sustainability stories from 2018

By Fiona Stephenson

From tourism to climate change, the living wage to the circular economy, here are your favourite sustainable business stories from 2018.

Every fortnight we write articles on key sustainable business topics to keep you up to date with the issues that matter. They include news from NZ and the world, the latest trends, opinions, member success stories, event summaries, report digests, campaigns, competitions and much more.

Want to know which topics sparked the most interest? These are the top 10 most-read news stories from 2018:

  1. Making the most of sustainable tourism in New Zealand

Last summer we took a look at ways to support the growth of sustainable tourism in Aotearoa. This included a range of sustainability certifications and commitments to look out for, as well as practical actions to make your trip more sustainable and enriching for everyone involved.

  1. Top 10 sustainability trends for 2018

A forecast of 10 risks and opportunities for business in 2018, according to UK think tank SustainAbility. How many of them proved accurate?

  1. 6 things you need to know about the circular economy

In March we hosted Andrew Morlet, head of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the world’s leading organisation on the circular economy. We distilled his insights into six key points.

  1. Bill McKibben’s 5 big messages on NZ and climate change

Founder of global climate campaign organisation 350.org, Bill McKibben is one of the world’s most notable commentators on climate change. He visited New Zealand in May and told us to electrify everything as quickly as possible.

  1. Free guide – how to deal with your business waste

Every waste stream coming out of your business represents lost value in terms of resources and lost time and effort dealing with them. SBN’s Smart Procurement Guide to Waste Services helps you deal with your business waste.

  1. Plastic Free July – show us your lunchbox!

Throughout July SBN campaigned to get people to bring their own containers for take-away lunch. It’s part our work to eliminate unnecessary plastics and grow a circular economy.

  1. Why you should pay a living wage

In 2018 SBN joined the ranks of accredited Living Wage employers in New Zealand. It’s a step your organisation can take towards being fair on the people who work for you, while doing your bit for a fairer New Zealand.

  1. Government commission – get off oil and go plant trees

We summarised the findings of the Productivity Commission’s report on a low carbon economy for New Zealand, saving you 500 pages of reading. These are the key points that could reshape our nation.

  1. 7 ways to make your working life more sustainable

Every year SBN staff commit to sustainability initiatives at work and home. Did this summary of our commitments inspire you to make any of your own?

  1. What if the circular economy is the best news we’ve heard in our lifetimes?

Working on the circular economy is one of the main things that stops Andy Kenworthy equipping his basement with a Geiger counter and stashes of beef jerky. If we get it right a circular economy will mean we get the most out of everything we make. We will reuse everything in continuous, waste-free loops for eternity.

If you’re an SBN member and have sustainable business news to share, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Jessica Paul, jessica@sustainable.org.nz.