Top Five Social Media Campaigns and why we think they’re awesome

By jay

Being a sustainable brand doesn’t only mean being good for the planet. It’s about developing brand loyalty, maintaining a positive presence and above all else, having and sharing the values that are important to your audience.

These five brands inhabit the values that their audience share, maintain a positive presence, inspire loyalty and entertain. The effect: viral attention on social media and successfully telling their story.

1. Air NZ Men In Black safety video

The newest Air NZ safety video garnered 2.5 million views in four days. It takes New Zealand heroes Richie Macaw and Dan Carter and turns them into the Men In Black.

Why we love it:
We love this because Air NZ has taken two very different and very successful parts of culture and remixed them in a way that not only went viral on Twitter but also ended up on Cool Dog Group on Facebook (thanks to Frank, the talking pug). It’s the perfect use of culture and social media that’s served a purpose, in-flight safety, and spread the brand.

It also got over 2 million views in four days.

2. Frank Turner’s random acts of kindness

A Twitter campaign designed to encourage people to share their random acts of kindness with the world using a simple hashtag.

Why we love it:

Frank is an English singer-songwriter and this is the perfect example of knowing that you are your brand. The hashtag #FTRAOK (Frank Turner Random Acts Of Kindness) brought people together to share something nice they’d done. The nicest person won a prize and the hashtag spread all over Twitter – generating more awareness for the album and also for Frank’s brand.

Top Five Social media - Random act of kindness

3. ALS #IceBucketChallenge

The #IceBucketChallenge was a single video raising awareness for the neurodegenerative disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) that took on a life of its own. Everyone from Bill Gates to stars of Disney movies got involved.

Why we love it:
Started by a sufferer of ALS this challenge (dousing yourself or someone else in a bucket of ice water) gained momentum so quickly and caught the attention of so many people and celebrities around the world that the ALS Foundation made it an official charity drive.

That it didn’t stem from the ALS Foundation but was adopted by them is a savvy use of branding and social media. The end result was 1.2 million related Facebook videos and 2.2 million Twitter mentions and USD$115 million raised for the charity.

4. Samsung Galaxy S5 How to take a great black cat photo

The video says it all. Black cats were being rejected or abandoned because they didn’t look good in selfies.

Why we love it:

As a way of pulling at the heart strings – and advertising the Galaxy S5 – Samsung set up a photo shoot with an animal photographer. Get a new phone, not a new cat.

5. DB Export Brewtroleum

Gull teamed up with DB Breweries to create petrol that used the leftovers from the brewing process and could be used in the standard car. It’s 90 per cent petrol and 10 per cent beer, it’s Brewtroleum.

Why we love it:
Never has biofuel been so appealing and so skilfully marketed that it appeals to the average beer drinking Kiwi bloke. The ad plays on the idea that drinking beer will save the world (the more beer drunk, the more the brewing process creates Brewtroleum) instead of encouraging people to use biofuel.

It plays perfectly on our beer drinking culture and is genius in the way it dismantles ideas around biofuel only being used by ‘hippies’. Not only did the product reach international media, it made biofuel cool.

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