TRAINING – SBN’s Leadership in Sustainable Business course

15 November 2016

SBN’s leadership course is back and better than ever! Sign up now to turbo charge your sustainable business career.

This course was created last year as the Lead and Influence Sustainability Course. It is run by our partner Capability Group. It equips you to deliver credible and transformative sustainability goals for your organisation.

We convene again early next year. The 2017 course’s building-blocks will include the same proven insights on leadership and influencing. There will be group and individual exercises focused on advancing your thinking and your actions on the current sustainability challenges in your workplace.

Be enlightened and inspired by our guest speakers. They are carefully chosen from amongst NZ’s sustainability trail-blazers. This year each module will include a ‘sustainability power hour’ led by SBN staff. This is a guided exploration of a current or emerging theme within sustainability, as seen by our experts.

There’s also a light workload (one or two meet-ups) in between the course modules. This keeps you engaged and supportive of a small group of your peers as you each put these tools into action in your own workplaces.

This really is a top-notch professional development opportunity for all those interested in business sustainability.

Check out the programme and testimonials here.  Find out more from Sam McGlennon, Community lead, on 022 399 0084 or at