Transform your smart phone into a tool for change!

10 February 2015

These days, raising money for a charity can be as simple as switching your computer on. Little Lot is a new social enterprise (and new SBN member) that takes advantage of our proximity to technology, transforming your workspace computer, smart phone

Director Steve Hillier says the company, which places beautiful photographic advertisements onto your computer or phone screen, funnels 75 per cent of revenue back into charities and is “changing the face of fundraising”.

The Little Lot app is a world-first, original and innovative fundraising solution – connecting charities, brands and consumers to create a donation stream from advertising spends. Individuals sign up, selecting a charity that they want to support (which they can change at any time). “It’s a great way for businesses and charities to connect with their supporters”, says Steve.

“We think we’ve got a model here that could be scaled internationally. It’s a stream of donations that doesn’t cannibalise any existing efforts by charities to raise money from supporter networks, and it’s a completely new way for businesses to support charities.”

The company already boasts 5,000 users, and has raised nearly $17,000 for its 57 partner charities.  Supported charities range from big name organisations like Starship and NZ Breast Cancer through to our very own Million Metres Stream project (our new offsetting programme which you can read about here) and it is free for charities to sign up. The ultimate goal, says Steve, is to sign up 100,000 individuals, generating more than 5 million dollars in donations, and attracting larger advertising clients.

Concerned about yet another advertising assault? Little Lot will only ever show you a maximum of three images per day. And you can pick and choose the things you want to see; there’s a huge variety including organic children’s clothing stockists to beautiful, independent homeware providers through to photographers and they all have images that give your stock standard Window’s backdrop a run for its money. Plus you get a fresh screen everyday – and the knowledge you are helping to make a difference without even opening your wallet.

Little Lot is currently developing an enterprise version of the app which will allow it to be used within large organisations as a corporate social responsibility solution. “You’ve got a lot of employees all using computers and with our network version you could have a whole business supporting a charity. It’s probably the most powerful way for a lot of charities to do that.”

(Steve (left) and his brother Dave (right) who run Little Lot together.)

Why did Little Lot join SBN?

SBN offers a good network in terms of socially and environmentally conscious advertisers as well as an interested, savvy audience who respond to ethical products without greenwash. “People buy into the values of the channel and it’s one of the things that keep them using it,” says Steve.

How to support Little Lot

Individuals – Download the free app and get more information here

Charities – It’s free to sign up. All you need to come up with is an idea of how you will grow your audience. Steve recommends leveraging off current supporter networks by doing a mail out, encouraging people to donate via social media and getting people to download the app.

Advertisers – Rates start from just $500 a day to reach Little Lot’s entire audience.