TRANSPORT – Grand coalition to electrify New Zealand’s company car fleets

20 June 2017

The New Zealand government and leading sustainable business organisations are working together to boost electric vehicles numbers in company fleets.

The Electric Vehicles Partnership Programme was announced last May. It aims to develop the electric vehicle market and EV infrastructure in New Zealand. It has set a target to double the number of electric vehicles in New Zealand every year. This would mean reaching approximately 64,000 by 2021. According to the Ministry of Transport there are currently 3,576 EVs registered in New Zealand. That represents a 157% increase from 1,394 this time last year.

The Electric Vehicle Secondary Procurement Process is part of this programme. It is a collaboration between the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, the Sustainable Business Network and the Sustainable Business Council (SBC). The aim is to show strong demand by uniting businesses and government procurers, with the aim of improving the pricing on electric vehicles. Expressions of interest have now gone out to an initial group of businesses and government agencies, many of which are SBN members.

Phil Jones, SBN project lead, explains how it works.

“The intention is for companies to be able to buy new EVs at improved rates, by aggregating demand. SBN and SBC are helping to gather interested businesses with significant fleet size. Together they can signal the scale of potential demand to suppliers. This will assist suppliers to offer lower prices and consider increasing the range and supply of EV’s to New Zealand

“At the moment we are looking for serious interest from larger buyers. The purchase intentions are not a firm commitment to buy at this stage, but the greater the degree of commitment the better the pricing everyone will receive. Prices will depend on how the suppliers respond to the interest we get. Then each business can decide whether they want to take it from there to make their purchases.”

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