Trilogy cracks the US market

7 July 2015

New Zealand natural skincare company Trilogy is going from strength to strength, with the announcement of an exclusive global partnership with Whole Foods Market.

The wholefood giant will stock Trilogy’s products in all its 422 stores in North America and the UK.

That’s no mean feat, since Whole Foods Market is renowned for strict quality standards. All the products the grocery chain sells have to meet rigorous sustainability standards. Not a problem for the company that in 2007 was the first New Zealand skincare brand to achieve carbon neutral certification for its corporate operations. Plus, it was the first New Zealand skincare brand to gain international NATRUE Natural Cosmetics certification. And its flagship rosehip oil products are certified organic by BioGro.

This string of certifications aside, International Communications Manager Lisa Wilson says the partnership has involved a great deal of work on both sides and the Trilogy team is delighted with the success.

“With strongly aligned values and ethics, the partnership makes perfect sense for both companies,” she says. “Whole Foods Market is very aligned with Trilogy’s ethics and brand values as it’s not interested in brands that don’t meet its own standards around quality, purity, naturalness and cruelty-free.”  

Sustainability is integral to the Trilogy brand and signifies far more than everyday measures such as recycling, composting and using certified paper.

“It’s not something that’s just a box to tick for us,” says Lisa. “It’s been a big part of our journey from the beginning and will continue into the future. Sustainability principles are embedded in our supply chain and they guide our decision making, whether we’re looking at packaging, freight or shipping.

“We also have social responsibility initiatives, which are focused around supporting women in parts of the world where they don’t have the same access to education we do.”

The Trilogy story started in 2002, with the launch of five rosehip oil products. With a focus on product innovation and performance, all Trilogy products are created from blends of natural plant oils and active botanical extracts.

Angela Buglass, CEO, of Trilogy International Ltd says, “Gaining entry to Whole Foods Market has brought a new dimension to our US business and opened up a significant growth opportunity.”

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