Videos: a vision for the future and making it reality

23 February 2016

In the last of the videos from the Project NZ: Telling Good Stories conference, SBN’s CEO and National Communications Manager bring together the salient points with a vision for the future:  Rachel describes the ‘why’ while Fiona reveals the ‘how’.

Find out why understanding your organisation’s purpose is so important, and learn how to put together an effective plan to communicate sustainability in these two videos from our 2015 conference: Project NZ: Telling Good Stories.

Rachel Brown, CEO, Sustainable Business Network – ‘Start with Why’

Drawing together the salient points of the conference, Rachel talks about the need to understand ‘why’ we do what we do and why your organisation’s purpose is more critical than ever. She describes a vision for a more sustainable New Zealand – the future begins with telling your story.

Fiona Stephenson, National Communications Manager, Sustainable Business Network – ‘Transforming Talk into Action’

Taking what you’ve learnt and putting it into practice is critical to success. In this compelling video Fiona explains the practical elements of a communications plan that will bring your stories to life and connect with your audience – irrespective of your budget.

You can view videos of all the speakers at Project NZ: Telling Good Stories on our YouTube channel.