Videos: David Trubridge and James Crow from Project NZ: Telling Good Stories

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Watch two of the most popular talks from our 2015 conference, Project NZ: Telling Good Stories - designer David Trubridge and James Crow, Director of Nice Blocks, on communicating sustainability through thinking differently.

David Trubridge, Captain and Designer: ‘The courage to care’

David is New Zealand’s best known lighting/furniture designer and his work, which is sold and exhibited around the world, is all manufactured in Hawkes Bay. He is an instigator of the trend of ‘raw sophistication’ and is committed to environmentally responsible design.

In this 16 minute talk, David shows that sustainability is not about ticking boxes. It is about a deeply-felt caring that informs every action and is the essence of sustainability.


James Crow, Director, Nice Blocks: ‘Nice guys finish first’

James founded Nice Blocks, the world’s first fair-trade certified ice blocks, together with Tommy Holden in 2009. The company has expanded from small beginnings in a café kitchen to its own production plant, making coconut-based ice cream Little Island in addition to Nice Blocks.

In this compelling 14 minute video, James tells the story of Tommy & James and how the duo found true marketing value in their own voice. Hear their views on ethical business and how their personal values pervade the business.

You can view videos of all the speakers at Project NZ: Telling Good Stories on our YouTube channel. Keep a look out for them in our newsletter over the coming weeks too.