Videos: Engaging with Millennials to drive future business

2 February 2016

Watch videos of two speakers from the Project NZ: Telling Good Stories conference, both young New Zealanders out to change the world: Guy Ryan, CEO of Inspiring Stories, and Owen Chambers, CEO of Future Crimes Ltd.

Guy Ryan, CEO, Inspiring Stories: ‘Unleash Their Potential’

Imagine if every young New Zealander unleashed their potential to change the world. What would it take to make that happen?

That’s the core question at the heart of Guy Ryan’s inspiring and eye opening talk about the future of business and social enterprise and the best way to create opportunities for millennials. He encourages transformative thinking for a world that’s constantly changing.

Guy Ryan was the Young New Zealander of the year for 2015 and through Inspiring Stories he’s supported 5,000 young people in transforming their communities.


Owen Chambers, CEO, Future Crimes Ltd: ‘Experience In Destroying the Planet Required’

From the perspective of a recent graduate, the enterprising Owen Chambers explores job opportunities for millennials who want to change the world, how much of the world will be left to change, and that this generation’s Elon Musk could be the victim of a lack of opportunity.

You can view videos of all the speakers at Project NZ: Telling Good Stories on our YouTube channel.