Video: Keynote speaker from Project NZ: Telling Good Stories

15 December 2015

If you missed our 2015 conference on Project NZ: Telling Good Stories, we’re sharing the videos in a series of themed articles, kick-starting with keynote speaker Matthew Yeomans, Director of Sustainly (UK).

Matthew Yeomans, Director, Sustainly:  ‘How the world’s biggest brands communicate sustainability’

Matthew, author of the Social Media Sustainability Index, shares his insights into how some of the world’s biggest companies are communicating sustainability, with a focus on social media. He explains what ‘soft’ sustainability is and you can engage with your stakeholders in a way that will resonate with them.

In this video (37 minutes) Matthew shares 10 tips for soft sustainability: how to succeed at authentic communication.


You can view videos of all the speakers at Project NZ: Telling Good Stories on our YouTube channel. Keep a look out for them in our newsletter over the coming weeks too.