Videos: Trilogy and Colmar Brunton share sustainability success from Project NZ: Telling Good Stories

By jay

Watch two of NZ’s most loved brands speak alongside two international thought leaders and share strategies for a sustainable business and industry-leading story telling. It pays to stand out.

These four leading speakers from Project NZ: Telling Good Stories looked at a new era of communicating and sustainability: what the future of sustainable brands looks like and where we’re predicted to be headed.

Jacqueline Farman – CEO, Colmar Brunton: ‘Better business, better stories, better future’

As CEO of Colmar Brunton and with over two decades of marketing experience, Jacqueline uses data and analytics to ensure clients make the best decisions. She believes in corporate purpose and its ability to build great and sustainable organisations.

In this fascinating talk, Jacqueline delves into why values and purpose driven companies are at the forefront for millennials, the future consumer.

Angela Buglass – CEO, Trilogy:  ‘The power of discovery and alignment’

With more than 15 years’ experience with beauty industry leaders such as Proctor & Gamble, L’Oreal and Estee Lauder, Angela has harnessed the power of a values driven brand.

Discussing how customers that feel loved can elevate a brand to greater heights, Angela digs deep into how to present your brand values to an ethical consumer base.

Alicia Darvall – CEO, B Corps Australia: ‘Companies using their brand as a voice for change’

As Executive Director of B Corps Australia, Alicia is building a community of values-driven businesses. She’s working to benchmark their great work through a community that makes it easy to tell the difference between a good company and good marketing.

Alicia says the responsibility to drive change with your brand’s internal and external audience is yours and here’s why.

John Heckman – Managing Director, thinkstep (North America): ‘Revenue, cost, brand, risk’

A specialist in the link between business value and sustainability, John has applied the Sustainability Business Value Framework concept across dozens of organisations and worked with Shell, Best Buy, Starbucks and Johnson & Johnson.

His advice: Telling stories via business language opens up broader acceptance, excitement and results.

You can view videos of all the speakers at Project NZ: Telling Good Stories on our YouTube channel. Keep a look out for them in our newsletter over the coming weeks too.