WATER – Get your ass into gear for Million Metres’ latest campaign

14 February 2017

smartass sells tree free toilet paper. The company has promised to buy one tree via SBN’s Million Metres project for every 48 roll carton it sells. We need your help to make that as many trees as possible!

smartass is the brainchild of Tony Small, founder of Innocent Packaging. The company launched last August in Auckland. smartass uses waste from sugarcane production and fast growing bamboo instead of trees. It’s one way to cut down on deforestation. It’s a big (t)issue. Toilet paper accounts for about 270,000 trees flushed down the drain or binned all over the world each year.

SBN’s Million Metres project crowdfunds to restore New Zealand’s waterways. The project has so far raised over $300,000. This is funding 14.5km of planting in 15 projects all over New Zealand.

Tony says: “We reckon it’s time to stop flushing trees down the toilet, and plant some around our country. That’s why smartass is getting in behind by donating to projects on Million Metres.”

SBN is asking businesses to try smartass and spread the word about the campaign. You can have a bit of fun with it too. Nominate an ‘office smartass’ to be pictured with the carton as your way of showing you care.

Georgina Hart, Million Metres project lead, says: “This is a fantastic commitment from smartass. It is vital we give our planting efforts a boost as there is so much to do. Getting this out there will make a big difference to how much waterway we can plant in the near future.”

How you can help!

  1. Buy a box of toilet paper at smartass.co.nz
  2. Get a picture of your ‘office smartass’ with the box.
  3. Post your photo to your company Facebook page.
  4. Include @millionmetres and @smartasstp and the text.
  5. Nominate two more companies to get involved.

So, are you ready to put your ass on the line for a better future? Million Metres will repost a selection of the best photos. You get extra bragging rights if yours includes your boss or a celebrity!

Find out more at millionmetres.org.nz or contact brigitte@sustainable.org.nz