WATER – Jucy and smartass get stuck in to help restore New Zealand’s waterways

20 September 2016

Top brands in New Zealand understand the value of our waterways. They are lining up to give additional support to SBN’s Million Metres Streams project. This will replant the banks of one million metres of waterway around the country with native plant

Tourists coming to New Zealand don’t pay to see signs warning the rivers and lakes are too toxic to swim in. The country’s best tourism businesses know this.

Jucy is one of those leading the way to making a change. In New Zealand, Jucy customers can donate $1.20 a day to SBN’s Million Metres project on top of their vehicle hire. So far they have raised more than $11,000. 

Staff from the firm also took part in a recent planting day. The Jucy team helped volunteers from the Whau River Catchment Trust in Auckland. Check out the video to see what it is all about.

New Zealand-based toilet paper company smartass is also stepping up. In some ways it is looking at the issue from the other end. Launched last month, smartass is an initiative of the founders of SBN members Innocent Packaging. The new company sells toilet tissue made from sugarcane and bamboo fibres free of bleach, inks, dyes and perfume. The aim is to reduce deforestation and water pollution.

Million Metres was the ideal partner for the start up.

Tony Small from Smartass says: “smartass has committed to working with Million Metres and for every carton sold will be planting a tree here in New Zealand to improve water quality and enhance freshwater biodiversity.”

All organisations joining the Sustainable Business Network automatically donate 5% of their membership fee to Million Metres.

Jucy and smartass join the growing ranks of companies from all sectors that are partnering directly with Million Metres and offering additional support. 

Project lead Georgina Hart says: “Million Metres’ design supports CSR programmes while helping ordinary people crowdfunding for their projects. We can shape all kinds of packages around it for businesses who would like to work with us.”

Get in touch with georgina@sustainable.org.nz if you or your company would like to get involved.