WATER – Million Metres is growing, and coming to a town near you

29 November 2016

The Sustainable Business Network’s project to restore New Zealand’s waterways will take a state of the art display to events around the country as it announces a host of new projects.

Million Metres is SBN’s crowdfunding platform for stream planting projects. It aims to help fund the planting of one million metres of waterway with native plants and trees. The project is currently promoting the most ambitious project to date. This seeks to raise $120,000 to help restore Rosebank Peninsula in Auckland. 

Two more projects are set to begin fundraising on the site shortly. The Pahurehure Inlet Protection Society is working on a site in Papakura in south Auckland. The Te Ara Kakariki community initiative is working to restore ‘green dots’ of native habitat in the Selwyn District of the Canterbury Plains. It is listing a project supported by Ladbrook’s School, Halswall, an Enviroschool. SBN is also searching for local business sponsors to get behind it.

Million Metres has recently secured additional funding from Auckland Council. This will be used to accelerate the listing of more waterway restoration projects from the region onto the crowdfunding site. The project has also recently been funded to hire an additional staff member to meet the demand to accelerate this process.

Thanks to a partnership with SBN member Exhibit Group, the project now has a state of the art event stand. It will use this to spread its message at events up and down the country. 

And for the first time you can now support Million Metres by way of a Christmas gift to a friend.

So far Million Metres has assisted the planting of just under 14km of waterway. This is spread across 15 projects nationwide. The site has raised more than $300,000.

Georgina Hart, project leader, says: “It’s been a great year for this project. We are proud of what has been achieved so far. But we are also humbled by the amount of work still needed to be done. We have an ambitious target. It’s going to take many years to clean up the mess New Zealand’s waterways are in. And it’s going to take all of us to work at it. We are emboldened by the fact that so many great people are getting behind this.”