WATER – Restoring Rosebank Peninsula

By jay

Next to Auckland’s busy North Western motorway and an industrial zone there’s a wildlife haven. But it’s overgrown with weeds. The Whau Trust is about to launch a crowdfunding campaign on the Million Metres website to help restore the native habitat.

Every day thousands of Auckland commuters pass or travel to the Rosebank Peninsula and Whau area. But not many know that on their doorstep there’s a small but important wildlife refuge.

Ara Patiki Bay is one of the best examples of mangrove and salt marsh habitat in the Waitemata Harbour. It was once famous for flounder. Today it is a haven for juvenile fish and other native wildlife. It’s a rich feeding ground for white faced herons, royal spoonbill, pukeko, spotless crake, kingfisher, the endangered fernbird and the endangered banded rail.

But today there are just a few areas of native bush remaining and the wildlife is threatened. We need your help to restore and protect this special place.

The Whau River Catchment Trust is working to save the coastal fringe of Rosebank Peninsula together with Auckland Council, Sustainable Coastlines and the Rosebank Business Association. It wants to get rid of the weeds that have taken over the coastal fringe of the peninsula. It wants to restore native plants and habitat, to continue keeping the weeds out and to encourage more special coastal plants and animals to come back into this area and thrive.

SBN’s Million Metres Streams Project is helping by launching a crowdfunding campaign to fund the first stage of planting. 

About the project

The Whau River Catchment Trust is raising money to restore the native habitat along the coastal fringe of Rosebank Peninsula. It will be planting a 530 metre long stretch of coast between the Rosebank Business District and Ara Patiki Bay.

This area has a few areas of remnant native bush, but the rest is overgrown with weeds. If we can get rid of the weeds and replant this area with native vegetation, this will provide habitat, and fruit and nectar for native animals. Native birds and insects will be able to re-establish in this area and hopefully thrive.

This is just the first stage in the project to restore the entire coastal fringe along Rosebank Peninsula. The larger project is a 5-10 year restoration plan.

The Whau River Catchment Trust wants to work with local businesses so they can:

  • contribute to this crowd-funding project for the first section of planting
  • adopt areas of coast to look after and control pests within their area and plant native bush in their area
  • reduce pollution (especially hazardous waste)
  • raise awareness of the Rosebank Peninsula East reserve and estuary as an environmental hotspot that is truly a unique area.

What is needed  

The Trust needs $120,310 to complete the first stage of planting along the coastal fringe at Rosebank Peninsula.

Million Metres will launch the crowdfunding campaign to restore this area this week. So keep a look out for the launch so you can get behind this project to create a beautiful native bush habitat and coastal area along Rosebank Peninsula.

A huge thank you to the project’s supporters so far…..

Rosebank Business Association, Jucy, Auckland Council, Whau Local Board, The Trusts Community Foundation, Foundation North, The Sargood Bequest, Methven, Te Ngahere Forest Trust.

Look out for more details about the launch of the campaign later this week!

In the meantime you can find out more about the Million Metres Streams Project here: millionmetres.org.nz