What do food investors look for?

12 May 2015

One of the first presentations at the Good Food Forum is by food and beverage investor Marmont Capital’s Matt McKendry. Matt talks about what investors look for when deciding whether or not to invest.

Matt McKendry is one of the four key speakers in the opening session of the Good Food Forum on the 25th of May, where the topics of traceability, investment, future consumer opportunities and sustainability will be introduced.

A former Deloitte partner, Matt led the Fast50 programme, and now works for Better By Design. He is the Managing Director of Marmont Capital, a private equity venture investing in the food and beverage industry, which was established in 2014.

What kind of thing do you look for with regards to investment?

The willingness of founders or management teams to work with us as an investor and our ability to add value to the business, followed by the stunning beauty and uniqueness of its products and the ability to scale the business without loads of capital.

What is one specific example of a thing that an investor would look for in a food business?

The taste of the product and its relevance to consumers.  For example, we invested in Tommy and James, who made great tasting ice cream that met a specific dairy-free need for consumers, and it was aligned to a massive global trend.

Why are you speaking at the Forum?

Because I am passionate about the need for New Zealand food companies to reimagine a future that is global and does not rely on commodity pricing.

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