World-first integrated fundraising tool offers free workshops to non-profits

28 April 2015

New member Vega is offering free capacity-building workshops for non-profits in New Zealand. Read on to find out more.

New business and new SBN member Vega is changing the face of campaigning with its innovative platform launched last month. The Cloud-based platform combines tools such as communication analytics and online donation with the integration of databases, XERO accounting software, communication channels and social networks. Organisations receive free online support and can either use Vega for free, or sign up to a monthly subscription.

Founder and CEO Tony Lindsey has a long history working for some of the most innovative campaigning and fundraising organisations in New Zealand and Ireland, including Amnesty International and Greenpeace. He says that Vega is his chance to allow organisations, regardless of their size, to reach out to their supporters and members in an engaging way by using donor engagement, retention and fundraising gems he has learned over the years.

“I’ve always wanted to create a platform that would allow even the smallest community group or the smallest social service group anywhere in the world to have access to exactly the same techniques as large successful charities,” he says.

And now Vega is taking these techniques to the road, for free. The 2015 Vega Tour, which will take place from May 1 until the end of July, will offer charities and community groups the chance to learn techniques to gather support, volunteers and funding.

This is part of Vega’s mission to support groups, charities and businesses to effectively garner sustained revenue to advance their mission or goals. New Zealand is the first country to be able to use the technology.

The 90-minute workshops will focus on information not for profits need to be sustainable, and increase their impact, while reducing administration hours.

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