Would you like compost with that? Sort it out at a free hospitality waste workshop

3 March 2014

Does your favourite café manage its waste effectively? Waste sent to landfill is a hot topic, and SBN is looking for businesses to participate in our free Hospitality Waste Workshops.

Waste management is often an entry point for organisations looking to start their sustainability journey, and in our experience most organisations are at least doing something to manage their waste streams. SBN is keen to help organisations implement best practice waste management and minimisation systems in a simple and effective way

With this in mind SBN has developed a pilot project that uses a proven system as a template to show organisations how to implement and monitor a waste management system.  

The Waste LABS aim to enable practical and effective waste management systems, and will show businesses how to derive value from waste where applicable.

The first Waste LAB will look at the hospitality sector as an example of how businesses can effectively reduce their waste on a large scale.

 “We chose the hospitality sector as a pilot because we know there is a huge opportunity to make a positive difference in this sector. The waste management practices of a café can be easily analysed and used as a model for other businesses,” says Matt Ayers, SBN Waste LABS project manager. 

“The Hospitality Waste Workshop Programme will be really useful for participants, because they will have first-hand experience of how a proper waste management system works. If a participant can see how to effectively separate recyclables and organic waste in a busy café environment, it’s really easy to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, which will also save you money”, he says.

Once the pilot Waste LABS are complete, there is the opportunity to roll out this ‘modelling’ LAB to other sectors. 

The programme will take place over three workshops, where participants will take a tour of a model company’s waste systems, and learn simple tools to track their waste streams. The tour will offer participants the opportunity to see how an effective hospitality waste management system can be set up.

Participants will share the data collected in workshop two, and will develop a waste management plan in conjunction with the rest of the group. Producers of waste management products and services will attend this workshop, introducing participants to effective waste minimisation and waste management tools.

The final workshop will give participants the chance to share results and reflections on the process.

 There are limited spaces available on the pilot programme, so if you’re interested in attending, you can register your interest by contacting James Griffin. The programme will run in Auckland from March to May, dates to be confirmed.

Alternatively, please forward this email to your favourite café and let them know about this opportunity.