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9 August 2016

The Sustainable Business Newsletter is being refreshed into a more substantial members-only fortnightly publication, accompanied by a non-members digest the following week.

This will bring a greater depth of coverage on SBN activities and sustainable business in New Zealand.

Thank you for being one of nearly 4,000 subscribers to the SBN newsletter.

In the coming years SBN aims to become the most popular place for sustainable business news from New Zealand. We want to create the liveliest, most shared and most commented on content on our specialist subject. We want to be the ‘go to’ for this material across all channels.

We want this to become a key part of the value of being an SBN member business.

That’s why we have asked senior environmental journalist Andy Kenworthy to become editor of the new SBN Newsletter. Andy comes with more than 20 years’ experience. He was most recently a lead writer for Element magazine with The New Zealand Herald. Andy has also written numerous feature articles and a series of Innovation Guides for Idealog. He has written for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and Better by Design.

To take the next step as from August 23 we will be coming out every other week with fresh in-depth interactive content for SBN members. But if you are not yet an SBN member don’t worry. Between editions of the full Newsletter we will be bringing you selected content to keep you in the loop. This will begin on August 30.   

Andy says: “We know that the newsletter is a popular platform for SBN members. It’s also become popular with all those interested in sustainable business across New Zealand. We now have an opportunity to take it up a level.

“SBN has created much more active projects in recent years. We will provide members with better information on the progress being made. It will really get us talking to each other, and attract more attention from those outside the Network. It’s an exciting prospect, but it will be up to all members to take part to make this happen. Tell us what you think, and tell us your stories.”

The improvements you will see in the new newsletter will include:

  • Multi-interview reporting on the hot issues in sustainable business in New Zealand
  • Opinion pieces from SBN experts and guest writers from New Zealand and beyond
  • More video interviews and videos of SBN events
  • More newsletter coverage on Facebook and Twitter. Getting your stories out there and talked about

There will be a one week break as we put the final touches to this new approach. Then we will be back, bigger and better than ever.

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