Sustainable investment

Sustainable investment is essential for a sustainable future. It helps create positive change by enabling innovative, new ventures to grow. It supports companies to ensure products or services address environmental or social issues.

Sustainable investment products enable individuals to use their financial resources to have a greater impact on creating a more sustainable future.

Our global society faces many very complex, large-scale and urgent development and sustainability challenges. These require investment both locally and globally. Collectively we’re still struggling to have positive impact at scale, and fast enough, to truly make a difference.

SBN’s Investing in our Future project

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View findings of the ‘Investing in our Future’ report.

Recent discussions with SBN members have highlighted an opportunity to build a stronger offering for individuals who want to use their personal or retirement investments to play an active role in funding these sustainable solutions.

SBN’s investment research, which has primarily focused on the role of the KiwiSaver scheme, shows that the mainstream institutions are not providing strong sustainable investment options. Yet the individuals we surveyed would like to be able to use their investment to impact positively on social and environmental outcomes.

The slow uptake of the existing ‘responsible funds’ along with the explosion of crowd-funding, impact investors, peer to peer lending and micro-financing websites internationally is the outcome of this disconnect.

Here in New Zealand the responsible investment industry is still in its infancy, but with focused attention it could become a serious contributor to a more sustainable future. It could provide real first mover advantages for pioneering organisations that bring desirable offerings to market, as well as attracting international investment into potentially very impactful ventures.

View findings of the ‘Investing in our Future’ report.

 Do you want to work with us to develop better investment solutions?

We are establishing a working group of investment members to meet periodically to discuss emerging trends in the investment industry nationally and globally and how we can respond to them. If your organisation works in the investment industry we want to work with you to identify how we can grow the sustainable investment market in New Zealand.

We will be working with active project partners to conduct specific market research which tests investment concepts with a consumer and business base to make sure that new sustainable investment products are meeting customer demand

If you want to be involved in either of these capacities, get in touch with Samuel McGlennon.