The Inconvenient Conference: Speakers 2017

The speakers at The Inconvenient Conference are top national and international thinkers.


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The speakers at The Inconvenient Conference are:

Rod Oram

Rod Oram, one of New Zealand’s most experienced business journalists, will start the day by setting the global scene.

View Rod Oram’s presentation here

Tim Flannery

Tim Flannery will speak on the Vitality of Water. Tim is an internationally-acclaimed scientist and conservationist, and a former Australian of the Year. He is Chief Councillor of the Climate Council and one of Australia’s leading writers on climate change.

View Tim Flannery’s presentation here

Lewis Perkins

Lewis Perkins will speak on the circular economy via video. Lewis is President of the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute in the USA.

View Lewis Perkins video here


 Shruthi Vijayakumar

Shruthi Vijayakumar will speak on Millennials. She heads learning and development for Inspiring Stories, a charity with a mission to unleash the potential of every young New Zealander to change the world. She is also a leadership coach for young people. Shruthi was previously a management consultant with Boston Consulting Group. She has been recognised as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum and a Global Changemaker by the British Council. She also blogs for the Huffington Post.

View Shruthi Vijayakumar’s presentation here

Paul Young

Paul Young will speak on Smarter Transport. He is a co-founder of Generation Zero and a researcher/writer with the Morgan Foundation. He is a passionate advocate for climate change solutions and a smarter transport future.

View Paul Young’s presentation here

Dorenda Britten

Dorenda Britten  will speak about turning our ideas into reality.  She has always been captivated by the potential of good ideas to transform organisations and change lives for good. A decade ago she developed the Ten Design Principle framework to help organisations create more valuable products. Now, combining experiences in Design Thinking with a broader interest in healthy successful societies, has led her to found The Britten Institute.

View Dorenda Britten’s presentation here

The day was compered by Andy Kenworthy and Fiona Stephenson from SBN, two of NZ’s most experienced communicators of sustainability, each with 20 years in the field.