The Project New Zealand conference launched a new approach to business transformation called ‘The Big Shift’ (#theBIGshift). It’s a simple and effective way to identify practical ways of bringing about change.

Already used by global brands like Nike, Unilever and Marks & Spencer, this is the first time it has been used in New Zealand.

#theBIGshift was created by our UK partner Forum for the Future, one of the world’s leading sustainability organisations, to identify steps to bring about a big shift in the way we do business for a more sustainable future. It is already used in organisations in different sectors around the world. The model uses simple, practical steps to map problems, identify solutions and embed change.

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System Innovation             

#theBIGshift is based around the concept of System Innovation, which is a set of actions that shift a system – a city, a sector, an economy – onto a more sustainable path.

We believe that many of the systems we rely on – such as food, transport and energy systems – aren’t working. We need to change these systems to make them more resilient, more equitable and able to continue into the future. We need to find practical ways to address this – which is where #theBIGshift will help.

We are applying #theBIGshift to four key areas, which we’ve identified as critical for system innovation in New Zealand:

#theBIGshift was launched in New Zealand at the Project NZ conference, which took place at AUT University, Auckland on 17-18 September 2014.