Transformation Areas

SBN Vision - Transformation AreasWe believe every business – large and small – has a role to play in transforming our economy to a more sustainable one. Our vision is to make New Zealand the model sustainable nation for the world. To achieve this, we help our members succeed in four areas we believe are critical for New Zealand.

We call them Transformation Areas.

All of our projects and activities are aligned with one or more of these Transformation Areas so our members can see their role in building a better business future for New Zealand.

Transformation Area – Renewables


Enabling the use of renewable energy

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Vision: By 2050 Aotearoa NZ is self-sufficient with all energy derived from renewable sources.

Shifting New Zealand’s energy to fully renewable sources will require clever design, new technologies and greater collaboration between businesses. We’ll need innovative strategies to improve the production and distribution of renewable energy, as well as a revolution in transportation or mobility away from fossil fuels.


  • Transport (biofuels, electric vehicles, charging stations)
  • Electricity generation (eg wind farms)
  • Process heat (waste heat generated by energy production)
  • Infrastructure to support the development of renewable technologies.

Our Renewables projects focus on Accelerating Smart Transport in New Zealand.

Find out more about RENEWABLES TRANSFORMATION SMART TRANSPORT SBN-Workstream-banner-renewables 070317

Transformation Areas – Community


Building thriving communities

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Vision: By 2050 Aotearoa NZ is a world leader placing people and their wellbeing at the heart of business.

Building thriving communities requires strategic business investment in the localities in which they operate. As well as ensuring good working conditions for all, businesses need to look at all parts of their operations to make sure they are creating products and services that build, rather than erode, communities.


  • Products and services that address a social need
  • Employment – staff equality, social cohesion and wellbeing
  • Site Location – Local employment and investment
  • Community investment or cultural initiatives
  • Supply Chain strategies.

Our Community projects focus on Embedding Social Value into Business Models.

Transformation Areas - Mega efficiency

Mega Efficiency

Maximising the use of all resources

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Vision: By 2050 Aotearoa NZ is a world leader in the optimal use of all precious resources.

Smart thinking is needed to significantly optimise the resource use of businesses and industries. Mega efficiency involves a shift away from traditional means of operation within industries towards new business models of production, ownership and consumption.


  • Collaborative consumption (eg, services for renting, sharing or borrowing things like vehicles, accommodation, tools etc)
  • Zero Waste (e.g. rethinking design, creating ways for up-cycling and avoiding wasteful practices)
  • Closed-loop design (e.g. cradle to cradle thinking).

Our Mega efficiency projects focus on Accelerating the Circular Economy in New Zealand.

To find out more about the Circular Economy – a curated resource of articles, reports and case studies exclusively for SBN members click here.

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Enhancing New Zealand’s natural capital

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Vision: By 2050 all Aotearoa NZ businesses are contributing to creating a thriving natural environment (for Papatuanuku: our air, land and water).

Restorative means giving back to – rather than simply taking from – the environment. This includes looking at how businesses can add value, rather than simply neutralising environmental impacts.  Restorative activities result in a net positive environmental impact.


  • Organic practices (e.g. food, wine, healthcare, skincare)
  • Initiatives that enhance water, soil and air quality.
  • Creating new models of business that add value to social and environmental outcomes as much as they do to economic ones. This is about ensuring all stages of the production or development process restore environmental and social issues along the way. It’s a big rethink of business.

Our Restorative projects focus on Restoring New Zealand’s Food System. They also include the Million Metres Streams project, New Zealand’s first conservation crowd-funding website that aims to help restore the health of our waterways through riparian planting.

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