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Junk Run finalist story

31 Oct 2016

Junk Run is the only waste collection company to sort and separate materials onsite, at source, and transport them off-site manually.



31 Oct 2016

Scion has used sustainable chemistry principles to develop 100% bio-based adhesive systems for interior engineered wood panel products.


Webstar finalist story

18 Oct 2016

Webstar Auckland, a print media specialist, has undertaken a holistic environmental improvement programme over the past two years with outstanding results.


Kiwi Experience

18 Oct 2016

In 2014, Kiwi Experience adopted a “green not mean” strategy that is now core to the company’s business operations. New Zealand’s original bus adventure company is committed to protecting the environment through a sustainable growth strategy.


Fulton Hogan / Tauranga Airport Authority

18 Oct 2016

Fulton Hogan designed and built a new long-term car park for Tauranga Airport Authority with a reduced environmental footprint through eco design, resourcing, logistics and construction management.


Fonterra Edendale site

18 Oct 2016

In just one year, a team of around 1000 people has built four new plants at Fonterra’s 133-year-old Edendale site - Milk Protein Concentrate, Reverse Osmosis, Milk Treatment, and Anhydrous Milk Fat - in a project called InteGreat.


Cityhop finalist story

18 Oct 2016

Cityhop is New Zealand’s only car sharing company offering cars by the hour. Beginning in August 2007 with only three cars, New Zealand’s first car share company now has almost 40 available in Auckland and Wellington.


Capital & Coast District Health Board

18 Oct 2016

Hospital buildings are a 24/7, energy-intensive operation. Sterilisation, heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation don’t ever stop running.


TerraCycle finalist story

18 Oct 2016

TerraCycle’s fundamental goal is to eliminate the idea of waste. It is an eco-friendly recycling company that has become a global leader in recycling typically non-recyclable waste.


My Car Your Rental finalist story

18 Oct 2016

My Car Your Rental is a peer-to-peer car rental company that has created a safe and secure platform for owners to list their car for rent by other trusted users.


Method Recycling finalist story

18 Oct 2016

Method has created a stylish and functional recycling bin to suit corporate environments. The bins aim to engage users, reduce waste to landfill and contribute to office cultural and environmental goals.


Energy and Technical Services Ltd finalist story

18 Oct 2016

Energy and Technical Services (ETSL) is one of New Zealand’s leading providers of energy and utility management services. It has created the Benefits Protocol, a ‘rulebook’ for financially valuing the impact of energy and sustainability actions.


Ecotricity finalist story - mega efficiency innovation category

18 Oct 2016

Ecotricity is the only supplier of carboNZero certified electricity in New Zealand and the only electricity retailer whose vehicle fleet is 100% electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.


Asaleo Care

18 Oct 2016

Asaleo Care is a personal care and hygiene company committed to environmental and social responsibility. In June 2016 it published Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for Tork, Purex and Sorbent toilet tissue products and Tork hand towels.


Little Yellow Bird finalist story

4 Oct 2016

Little Yellow Bird uses an innovative business model to design and manufacture ethical corporate uniforms, supporting communities along the way.


Ecotricity finalist story

4 Oct 2016

Ecotricity is the only supplier of carboNZero certified electricity in New Zealand, sourcing from 100% renewable non-thermal generation including wind, hydro and solar.


Chariot Ridesharing

4 Oct 2016

Chariot is a safe new way of bringing people together to find carpools or share rides with others through an app.



4 Oct 2016

TerraCycle is an eco-friendly recycling company that has become a global leader in recycling typically non-recyclable waste. Its goal is to eliminate the idea of waste and minimise the amount that gets sent to landfill.


Packaging Forum Inc

4 Oct 2016

For the first time, New Zealanders can easily recycle soft plastics. Through a partnership approach across brands, manufacturers, retailers, government and social enterprises, this project has introduced drop-off points at major retail outlets.


Metal Art

4 Oct 2016

The Metal Art Group designs, manufactures and sells street and park furniture to councils throughout New Zealand.


Kai Carrier

4 Oct 2016

Kai Carrier are reusable food pouches designed to reduce the amount of single use packaging sent to landfill, enabling busy families to feed fresh homemade food on the go. 


Counties Manukau Health finalist story

4 Oct 2016

Counties Manukau (CM) Health has been on a journey towards becoming more sustainable since 2012. It was the first Australasian healthcare system to measure, manage and reduce its carbon footprint.


The Oversew Fashion Awards

20 Sep 2016

The goal of The Oversew campaign is to promote upcycled fashion with zero wastage. It celebrates talented, aspiring designers who recreate, revamp and redesign unwanted yet pre-loved clothes, giving old clothes new value.


Packaging Forum

19 Sep 2016

The Packaging Forum introduced ‘drop off recycling’ for soft plastic packaging at retail outlets for the first time in 2015.


Steve Ellingford (Bayfair Shopping Centre)

19 Sep 2016

Steve is centre manager at Bayfair Shopping Centre, the largest in the Bay of Plenty. He is well aware of the centre’s environmental impact and is passionate about ensuring it has the smallest carbon footprint possible.


Buffie Mawhinney (Ranui Community Centre)

19 Sep 2016

Buffie is a role model for socially sustainable and community enterprises. She has been closely involved in the Ranui, West Auckland local community for the last seven years.


Barry Coates (Green Party, formerly Oxfam and The University of Auckland)

19 Sep 2016

Barry is an expert on a wide range of sustainability issues. A man of huge integrity, he is described as ‘walking the talk’, living a low impact life and leading the way for others to do the same.


Central Wood Recyclers – from logging waste to biomass fuel

12 Nov 2015

Central Wood Recyclers is a New Zealand-owned land-clearing company that recycles waste biomass from logging – waste that is usually left to rot or taken to landfill.


Junk Run – from waste to a community solution

11 Nov 2015

Junk Run is a waste collection and recycling initiative that takes unwanted household and business items and diverts them from landfill. 


The Smart Hot Water Company

10 Nov 2015

The Smart Hot Water Controller is an innovative device that can be attached to any hot water cylinder to only heat the water required and save the household money.


Honeywrap – natural, re-usable food wrap

9 Nov 2015

Honeywrap is a natural NZ product that has been created to address the growing problem of waste from single use plastic. The aim is to increase awareness of the environmental impact of using disposable plastic to wrap food and provide alternatives.


Resene PaintWise – responsible paint

2 Nov 2015

Resene PaintWise is a product stewardship programme that takes waste paint and paint packaging and either recycles them or safely disposes of them.


Tauranga City Council – The Mount Beachside Holiday Park

2 Nov 2015

The Mount Beachside Holiday Park was selected by Tauranga City Council as its sustainability flagship organisation. 


NZ Post – organisation-wide focus on environmental footprints

2 Nov 2015

NZ Post Group is about delivery – to communities and businesses. As one of New Zealand’s largest employers with a portfolio of over 400 properties, NZ Post understands it has a responsibility to manage and reduce its environmental footprint.


Laminex New Zealand – manufacturing waste reduction

2 Nov 2015

Laminex New Zealand aims to lead the market in environmentally preferable products and sustainable manufacturing practices. It runs a range of internal initiatives at its site in Taupo to help reach this goal.


Kaibosh - zero food poverty and zero food waste

2 Nov 2015

Kaibosh is New Zealand’s first food rescue organisation with a vision of zero food poverty and zero food waste.


Fuji Xerox – targeting zero waste through resource recovery

2 Nov 2015

Fuji Xerox takes responsibility for all end-of-life products to achieve over 99.5 per cent resource recovery year on year.


Energy Solution Providers – data solutions to waste

2 Nov 2015

Energy Solution Providers provides sustainable solutions to water, gas and electricity waste.


Construction, Industrial and Demolition Resource Recovery – cutting demolition waste

2 Nov 2015

Construction, Industrial and Demolition Resource Recovery Ltd (CIDRR), is New Zealand’s largest building waste recovery facility, which has commenced a new sort line recovering wood chippings and plasterboard.


Bluebird Foods – continual environmental improvement

2 Nov 2015

Bluebird, a subsidiary of PepsiCo, operates a snack food manufacturing facility in Manukau, employing more than 400 staff. The company is committed to continually improving its environmental performance and achieving greater resource efficiency.


3R Group – finding waste solutions

2 Nov 2015

3R Group champions several consumer-facing programmes that create sustainable recycling solutions for problematic waste.


Wishbone Design Studio – award-winning innovations in cycling and recycling

2 Nov 2015

The Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition is a multifunctional bicycle that introduces children from the age of one to cycling and recycling simultaneously.


Stone Arrow Jewellery – creating beautiful jewellery from waste

2 Nov 2015

Stone Arrow has been designing and manufacturing jewellery for 20 years and for the last six it has shifted its focus to a sustainable supply chain, sourcing only sustainable materials.


Ethique – solidifying change in the beauty industry

2 Nov 2015

Ethique (formerly called Sorbet) makes waste-free, salon quality, beauty and bathroom products such as shampoos, soaps and conditioners. Unique in the world, all products are made in solid form, requiring less water than a standard shampoo.


3R Group’s SeatSmart – recycling child car seats

2 Nov 2015

SeatSmart is a child car seat recycling programme, developed by 3R Group.


OptiFleet – enabling informed car purchasing

2 Nov 2015

OptiFleet, a fleet lifecycle management consultancy, offers vehicle solutions to Kiwi businesses, big or small.


Creative Spaces/Auckland Council/Fletcher Construction – office refurbishment and the circular economy

2 Nov 2015

Redesigning and refitting a 1990s building was a joint effort that saw 83 per cent of construction waste downcycled or recycled. It was arguably the largest interior refurbishment to date in Auckland.


AUT Business School: walking the sustainability high road with practical feet

2 Nov 2015

AUT Business School’s Sustainable Enterprise major, part of the Bachelor of Business Studies, is the first of its kind in New Zealand. It takes an innovative approach to teaching by teaching through cycles of action and reflection.


Space Between: rethinking fashion waste

2 Nov 2015

Space Between is a social enterprise/research platform at the College of Creative Arts in Massey University which enables students, graduates, fashion researchers and industry to work together to bring about positive change in the fashion industry.


Damon Birchfield – leading by example

27 Oct 2015

Damon Birchfield is CEO of EcoMatters Environment Trust, a not-for-profit trust whose purpose is to connect people and the environment and to nurture kaitiakitanga (guardianship).


Viv Heslop – creating a sustainable mind-set

27 Oct 2015

Viv, most recently through her work as sustainability manager for the Wynyard Quarter urban regeneration project, is committed to delivering sustainable urban developments and creating a shift to a sustainable mind-set.


Dorothy Wilson – a lifetime legacy of sustainability

27 Oct 2015

An educator, author and leader in sustainability, Dorothy has been promoting, developing and facilitating sustainability for 30 years with a record for creating long-lasting change.


DB Breweries: reporting on sustainability success

20 Oct 2015

DB Breweries has long been committed to embedding sustainability across its business. In 2015 the company formalised its sustainability journey by producing its inaugural GRI-based sustainability report.


Trevelyan’s Pack and Cool: reporting sustainability

20 Oct 2015

Trevelyan’s is a family-owned business in Te Puke that provides packing and cool storage for kiwifruit and avocados.  In April 2015 the company released its first sustainability report to showcase the success of its sustainability framework.


Sustainability Options: advocating sustainability

20 Oct 2015

Sustainability Options advocates and promotes options for sustainability by sharing its knowledge through a free, personalised and independent service. It gives presentations to businesses, schools, councils, iwi, community groups and individuals.


Tread Lightly Caravan: children as champions of change

20 Oct 2015

The Tread Lightly Caravan is a mobile exhibition/classroom established by the Urban Ecoliving Charitable Trust to inspire 8-12 year old New Zealanders to live more sustainably.


Colmar Brunton: Better Business, Better Future

20 Oct 2015

Market research leader Colmar Brunton has operated in NZ for over 30 years. Its vision is ‘Better Business, Better Future’ and for the last seven years it has funded research into consumers’ changing attitudes and behaviours in sustainability.


One person’s trash

24 Mar 2015

Junk Run is a small business making a big impact on ‘waste’. The company, which collects construction and office- and house-moving leftovers sorts, recycles and repurposes other people’s ‘trash’, saving 70 per cent from landfill.


Malcolm Rands: 'Ecoman' and Sustainability Champion

11 Dec 2014

Congratulations to Malcolm Rands, founder of ecostore, who was awarded Sustainability Champion at the 2014 NZI National Sustainable Business Network Awards.


Christchurch couple leading by sustainable example

10 Dec 2014

A Lincoln-based couple are leading the way when it comes to sustainable leadership at their supermarket, New World Lincoln.


Splore: turning sustainability into a really good time

10 Dec 2014

Splore music and arts festival is an annual event which shows that sustainability can be fun for everyone!


Econergy: helping you save money and energy when heating water

10 Dec 2014

Econergy has developed an efficient water heater, which saves money and and is more energy efficient than other water heaters.


Your Drive: peer to peer vehicle sharing

10 Dec 2014

Your Drive have developed a web platform for vehicle users to rent and share vehicles online.


ecostore develops innovative plant-based packaging solution

10 Dec 2014

ecostore have developed a new type of plant based plastic bottle, which will eventually replace all of their fossil fuel based plastic packaging.


Foodstuffs NZ: taking a new approach to waste management

10 Dec 2014

Foodstuffs NZ is coordinating the roll out of a radical new, holistic approach to waste management to more than 200 of its stores.


Foodstuffs NZ: innovative energy management

10 Dec 2014

Foodstuffs NZ have installed sub-meters in some of their high profile stores, an innovative way to enable energy savings.


Z Energy and Philips Lighting

12 Nov 2014

Z Energy has recently partnered with Philips on an innovative lighting project to reduce its energy use and carbon footprint.


Splore wins A Greener Festival Award

12 Nov 2014

Splore is the first New Zealand festival to win an international A Greener Festival Award.


Fishing nets and reverse logistics: a circular economy success story

9 Sep 2014

Did your carpet start life as a fishing net? We chat with Robb Donzé, Managing Director of INZIDE Commercial, to find out more about the circular economy in action.


Hungry Bins contribution to Green Ribbon Award

8 Jul 2014

At the beginning of the year, Ben Bell created the largest worm farm operation in the country. 600 000 worms now process 140kgs of food scraps from the Mount Eden Correction Facility (MECF) every day.


Lovenotes launches The 1 Million Milestone: a challenge to reuse paper

13 May 2014

Lovenotes has launched a challenge to see one million pieces of waste paper ‘refreshed’ into personalised business stationery.


ecoPortal: NZ software supporting sustainability management worldwide.

6 May 2014

ecoPortal is a global provider of sustainability software that helps organisations around the world manage progress towards their sustainability objectives. Read on to find out about its product upgrade and a special offer for SBN members.


The Waste Exchange – helping business find a market for waste

20 Jan 2014

“One person’s trash is another person’s treasure”. This old saying is the raison d'être for the Waste Exchange, an online tool to encourage the free exchange of unwanted material.


GoodSense: leading green marketing

19 Dec 2013

GoodSense is a marketing firm with a speciality in “green marketing”. It is particularly focussed on increasing public literacy around “greenwashing” and, in doing so, seeks to encourage companies to use best practice “green marketing”.


Recycle with Reclaim

19 Dec 2013

Reclaim has a 35-year track record in the waste-minimisation industry. Its recycling services include waste and recyclables audits for businesses and organisations, food waste recycling, and residual waste management.


Containing sustainability with CHEP

19 Dec 2013

CHEP provides pallet, container and crate pooling services for many of the world's largest supply chains. Through retail-ready solutions and by eliminating the need for secondary packaging CHEP has reduced the environmental impact of many products.


AUT: Three prongs to sustainability

19 Dec 2013

The Auckland University of Technology (AUT) is spread across four campuses in the Auckland region. Its approach to sustainability is three-pronged, focussing on transport, energy consumption and waste.


Optimising efficiency with Soar Printing

19 Dec 2013

Soar Printing is a printing company with a difference. In an industry where print volumes are dropping, it has chosen to operate in a sustainable way through optimisation of resources and designing out waste through products, services and systems.


Ooooby: Local food delivered to your doorstep

19 Dec 2013

Ooooby is a new way of shopping for food that passes savings directly onto the growers and customers, and cuts out the middleman. Through an online retail model, shoppers are able to buy direct from local growers and artisan producers.


Conscious Consumers: making it easy to shop sustainably

19 Dec 2013

There is a growing demand for easy ways to shop sustainability, which Conscious Consumers is meeting in the hospitality sector by connecting consumers with sustainable products and services through a business accreditation programme.


Wanaka Wastebusters: Unpacking the best and worst packagers

19 Dec 2013

Companies guilty of crimes in packaging should beware: Wanaka Wastebusters are out to get you. The group is a community-owned enterprise, working to encourage recycling and waste minimisation.


Auckland War Memorial Museum

5 Dec 2013

As one of New Zealand’s most important and renowned heritage museums, Auckland War Memorial Museum is paving the way in terms of its environmental performance – with the accolades and achievements to prove it.


Yealands Estate Wines

17 Nov 2013

Yealands Estate is creating a 21st-century template for sustainable winemaking, with initiatives across all stages of the business – from the vineyard, to the winery, to distribution and marketing – to ensure and enhance sustainability.

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