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1 Nov 2016

GHD has repurposed and restored an old motorway off-ramp in central Auckland into a vibrant urban space. One kilometre of infrastructure in the Central Motorway Junction has been transformed into a cycleway and walkway.


Ekos finalist story

1 Nov 2016

Ekos is a rainforest carbon boutique – a social enterprise supplying carbon management services to New Zealand businesses.


Green Cabs finalist story

1 Nov 2016

Green Cabs started planting trees before its first car was even on the road.  In 2007, Green Cabs partnered with Trees for the Future to offset the impact of the company’s operations and fleet on the environment.


Ceres Organics finalist story

1 Nov 2016

Over 30 years ago, Ceres Organics began as an organic vegetable co-op and has grown to offer the most comprehensive range of organic products in Australasia.


Comvita finalist story

1 Nov 2016

Comvita is working in partnership with New Zealand landowners, including Iwi, to plant low-productive land areas with Manuka.


We Compost finalist story

1 Nov 2016

We Compost is a commercial collection infrastructure for compostable waste – specifically post-consumer food waste, paper handtowels and compostable packaging.



1 Nov 2016

Bokashi New Zealand provides a wide range of innovative organic and eco-friendly products throughout New Zealand.


Raw Essentials finalist story

31 Oct 2016

Raw Essentials is working with biological farmers and hunters to provide an affordable, species-appropriate diet for pets. The company’s nine retail shops sell nutrient-dense food, including a healing bone broth, which pets love to eat.


Avon- Ōtākaro Network

31 Oct 2016

Avon- Ōtākaro Network has partnered with Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu to develop the Mahinga Kai Exemplar, a biodiversity restoration and earthquake recovery project in Anzac Drive Reserve, Christchurch.


Go Bamboo

31 Oct 2016

Go Bamboo is a zero waste company that creates alternatives to plastic products by using bamboo.


Junk Run finalist story

31 Oct 2016

Junk Run is the only waste collection company to sort and separate materials onsite, at source, and transport them off-site manually.



19 Sep 2016

Sustainability is in the DNA of Kokako. Established in 2001, it was the first solely organic coffee company in Auckland.


Buffie Mawhinney (Ranui Community Centre)

19 Sep 2016

Buffie is a role model for socially sustainable and community enterprises. She has been closely involved in the Ranui, West Auckland local community for the last seven years.


Gareth Morgan (The Morgan Foundation)

19 Sep 2016

Gareth founded The Morgan Foundation, a charitable organisation focused on conservation, public policy education and social development.


Barry Coates (Green Party, formerly Oxfam and The University of Auckland)

19 Sep 2016

Barry is an expert on a wide range of sustainability issues. A man of huge integrity, he is described as ‘walking the talk’, living a low impact life and leading the way for others to do the same.


Whai Maia Trust – Ngati Whatua Orakei

11 Nov 2015

The Whai Maia Trust is running two restorative programmes to combat the desecration of the mana of the hapū, whenua and moana:


Ethique – solidifying change in the beauty industry

11 Nov 2015

Ethique (formerly called Sorbet) makes waste-free, salon quality, beauty and bathroom products such as shampoos, soaps and conditioners.


Snap Information Technologies Ltd (SnapIT) – innovation in sustainable fishing

11 Nov 2015

Reports of loss of fish at sea have led Nelson company SnapIT to create an electronic monitoring system that captures 100 per cent coverage of activity on-board fishing vessels.


Holistic Vets – integrating traditional and complementary vet therapies

11 Nov 2015

Established in 2003, Holistic Vets provides innovative ways to improve the health and wellbeing of its patients by integrating conventional veterinary medicine and surgery with complementary therapies.


Auckland Council - Oruarangi Stream and pollution prevention

11 Nov 2015

In response to a spillage of 1000 litres of purple dye into the Oruarangi awa (stream), representatives of Makaurau marae, Auckland Council and the Māngere-Ōtāhuhu Local Board came together to create a programme to protect the stream.


AIMS Ltd – restorative management of pests

11 Nov 2015

AIMS Limited’s subsidiary Feathergirl is the largest supplier of hand plucked peacock and turkey feathers in Australasia.


Zealandia – restorative sanctuary for NZ wildlife

11 Nov 2015

Established 20 years ago, Zealandia is a 225 hectare fenced wildlife sanctuary in the Wellington region that was the first of its kind in the world.


Taupo Beef – protecting water quality by rethinking premium meat

11 Nov 2015

Taupō Beef was established to test consumers’ willingness to pay a premium for beef that is helping protect the water of Lake Taupō. To do this, the company has engaged consumers with the farm practices that lead to outstanding meat product quality.


Taranaki Regional Council – restorative planting

11 Nov 2015

The Taranaki Regional Council’s Riparian Management Programme is the largest enhancement planting scheme on private land in New Zealand.


Raw Essentials – sustainable pet solutions

11 Nov 2015

Raw Essentials understands how important pets can be to the community, but realises they must be sustainable and not a drain on global resources.


Junk Run – from waste to a community solution

11 Nov 2015

Junk Run is a waste collection and recycling initiative that takes unwanted household and business items and diverts them from landfill. 


Auckland Council’s Wai Care – water quality education for all

11 Nov 2015

Wai Care is a water quality education, monitoring and action programme provided by Auckland Council for community groups, schools and individuals in the Auckland region.


Auckland Council – pollution prevention

11 Nov 2015

The Industry Pollution Prevention Programme (IP3) is an initiative that improves the quality of waterways by reducing contaminant loads at source.


HoneyLab – from bees to medicine

9 Nov 2015

New Zealand pharmaceutical company HoneyLab has created a new category: PharmaNaturals. HoneyLab undertakes laboratory studies and clinical trials of honey, bee venom and other products obtained from bees and their environment.


NZ Landcare Trust – community-driven catchment management

9 Nov 2015

NZ Landcare Trust is an independent, non-government organisation that promotes and delivers rural, community-driven catchment management initiatives at a national level.


Ethique – solidifying change in the beauty industry

2 Nov 2015

Ethique (formerly called Sorbet) makes waste-free, salon quality, beauty and bathroom products such as shampoos, soaps and conditioners. Unique in the world, all products are made in solid form, requiring less water than a standard shampoo.


Damon Birchfield – leading by example

27 Oct 2015

Damon Birchfield is CEO of EcoMatters Environment Trust, a not-for-profit trust whose purpose is to connect people and the environment and to nurture kaitiakitanga (guardianship).


Viv Heslop – creating a sustainable mind-set

27 Oct 2015

Viv, most recently through her work as sustainability manager for the Wynyard Quarter urban regeneration project, is committed to delivering sustainable urban developments and creating a shift to a sustainable mind-set.


Georgina Langdale: Nature provides, so we should give back

27 Oct 2015

Founder of Archeus, an eco-conscious skin-care business that gives back to the environment and also designs pet care products, Georgina Langdale, originally from Hawkes Bay, crafted her career overseas.


Dorothy Wilson – a lifetime legacy of sustainability

27 Oct 2015

An educator, author and leader in sustainability, Dorothy has been promoting, developing and facilitating sustainability for 30 years with a record for creating long-lasting change.


Morphum Environmental directors – putting people and planet before profits

27 Oct 2015

Founders and directors of Morphum Environmental, Caleb Clarke, Damian Young and Dean Watts have aimed from the beginning for their company to become a leading environmental consultancy that benefits society and the environment.


DB Breweries: reporting on sustainability success

20 Oct 2015

DB Breweries has long been committed to embedding sustainability across its business. In 2015 the company formalised its sustainability journey by producing its inaugural GRI-based sustainability report.


Eat My Lunch: creating a social movement through social media

20 Oct 2015

The New Zealand born social movement, Eat My Lunch, has received global attention in just eight weeks of operations through a simple business model: BUY ONE. GIVE ONE.


Trevelyan’s Pack and Cool: reporting sustainability

20 Oct 2015

Trevelyan’s is a family-owned business in Te Puke that provides packing and cool storage for kiwifruit and avocados.  In April 2015 the company released its first sustainability report to showcase the success of its sustainability framework.


Sustainability Options: advocating sustainability

20 Oct 2015

Sustainability Options advocates and promotes options for sustainability by sharing its knowledge through a free, personalised and independent service. It gives presentations to businesses, schools, councils, iwi, community groups and individuals.


Tread Lightly Caravan: children as champions of change

20 Oct 2015

The Tread Lightly Caravan is a mobile exhibition/classroom established by the Urban Ecoliving Charitable Trust to inspire 8-12 year old New Zealanders to live more sustainably.


Colmar Brunton: Better Business, Better Future

20 Oct 2015

Market research leader Colmar Brunton has operated in NZ for over 30 years. Its vision is ‘Better Business, Better Future’ and for the last seven years it has funded research into consumers’ changing attitudes and behaviours in sustainability.


Lunchbox sort out and snack recipes with Munch Cooking

3 Mar 2015

Commercial lawyer-turned-entrepreneur Anna Bordignon started the child-focused Munch Cooking website while raising three of her own. The website offers recipes, an online store stocking eco-friendly, child-focused products and a blog.


AgriSea Seaweed: improving farming practices

11 Dec 2014

AgriSea have developed a range of nutrient rich, natural liquid soil additives, which can be used to improve soil health in the agriculture, horticulture and viticulture sectors.


Yealands collaborates to produce the ultimate compost

11 Dec 2014

Yealands Family Wines have collaborated with a number of regional partners to create a composting system to address an industry-wide landfill problem.


Raising a glass to sustainability in the community

11 Dec 2014

Yealands Family Wines is committed to pursuing dynamic global leadership in sustainable wine production. Its communication strategy focuses on telling the company’s sustainability story and inclusively presenting its passion for giving back.


Peter Yealands: sustainable business pioneer

11 Dec 2014

Peter Yealands is the founder and owner of Yealands Family Wines. He has powered the sustainability heartbeat of the state-of-the-art winery since its bold beginnings in 2008.


Kokako – champion of quality coffee – opens new roastery

5 Aug 2014

Kokako’s coffee business is entering a period of new growth, with the recent opening of a new coffee roastery to meet increased demand. We spoke to Managing Director Mike Murphy to find out the secret of his success.


Sol Pharmacy: shining some light in the Deep South

29 Jul 2014

Modern technology allows Sol Pharmacy’s managers to operate an online pharmacy from their home in Karitane, near Dunedin. But not only do they make a difference to people’s health, they are making a difference to the environment too.


A 'restorative' success story: Green Drop

27 Jan 2014

Wondering where you can find organic wines, beers and spirits in New Zealand? Green Drop, NZ’s only organic alcohol distributor, is the solution.


The Farm Butchery: bringing meat to consumers the natural way

19 Dec 2013

The Farm Butchery brings meat to consumers ‘the natural way’. Meat is from free-range, pesticide-free, heritage breeds. Consumers know grower details, breed types and bio-regions, so they know exactly what’s going into their bodies.


GoodSense: leading green marketing

19 Dec 2013

GoodSense is a marketing firm with a speciality in “green marketing”. It is particularly focussed on increasing public literacy around “greenwashing” and, in doing so, seeks to encourage companies to use best practice “green marketing”.


Collecting waste with We Compost

19 Dec 2013

Steve Rickerby’s waste collection service, We Compost, collects approximately 45,000 litres of compostable waste each week – diverting thousands of kilos of waste from landfill and reducing carbon emissions at the same time.


Sean Weaver: bringing ecosystem services to communities in NZ and the Pacific

19 Dec 2013

Sean Weaver’s innovative work focuses on giving communities in New Zealand and the Pacific the capacity to establish, manage and expand their own ecosystem services. This includes a ‘payment for ecosystem services’ programme for Maori-owned forest.


Nelmac’s SmartRaft: removing excess nutrients from waterways

19 Dec 2013

Nelmac’s innovative SmartRaft is a buoyant raft made from recycled plastic bottles that is embedded with aquatic plants and a suspended root system. The plants take up nutrients around the clock, cleaning the body of water they’re floating in.


Conscious Consumers: making it easy to shop sustainably

19 Dec 2013

There is a growing demand for easy ways to shop sustainability, which Conscious Consumers is meeting in the hospitality sector by connecting consumers with sustainable products and services through a business accreditation programme.


Yealands Estate Wines

17 Nov 2013

Yealands Estate is creating a 21st-century template for sustainable winemaking, with initiatives across all stages of the business – from the vineyard, to the winery, to distribution and marketing – to ensure and enhance sustainability.

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