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All Good started with bananas and is still New Zealand's only 100% Fairtrade, 100% Kiwi banana company. Add organic dried banana chunks from Samoa, and a range of Fairtrade, organic soft drinks, and you'll see why we call ourselves All Good.

In 2009, not many New Zealanders knew where their bananas came from, or how hard it was for growers and their families to make a fair living from their produce. So Chris, Simon and Matt decided, back then while hanging out at Piha, that it was time for a change.

New Zealand used to source it’s bananas from the Pacific, but increased demand and better shipping meant importers started looking to cheaper producers in South America and the Philippines. When we started our search, we looked to the Pacific first. We worked with the Samoa’s Women in Business cooperative to create our organic banana chunks, but sadly there aren't enough of the beautiful, sweet Misiluki bananas to satisfy New Zealand’s appetite for fresh fruit.

Our quest then turned to the other side of the Pacific and El Guabo, one of the world’s oldest Fairtrade cooperatives. We landed our first bananas in February 2010, and heaps of Kiwis asked their local stores to stock us. Our friends at New World, Pak N’ Save, Four Square, Huckleberry Farm, Moore Wilson and Commonsense Organics supported us from the outset.


So how did we convince Kiwis to pay $1 more for a bunch of Fairtrade bananas? By telling a story of freshness - and fairness.

Farmers like Pedro and Graciella and Wilson Sanchez grow our bananas with over 430 other small farmers in an organic, sustainable way, for a stable and secure price, allowing them to have independence from the multinational banana companies and a future for their communities.


Our next idea led us to cola nut famers in the West African forests of Sierra Leone. Despite growing the naming ingredient of the biggest soft drink in the world, these farmers live an impoverished life. The big guys don’t use the real thing anymore, meaning there isn’t much demand for cola nut. Chris, Simon and Matt thought that was wrong, and that’s how Karma Cola was born. It was soon followed by Gingerella, made with organic ginger from the small Wayamba region in Sri Lanka, and Lemmy Lemonade, made with organic Sicilian lemons.


And now, there's the range of organic sparkling drinks in Red Grapefruit, White Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Bitter Lemon and Blackcurrant - made from the best organic fruit juices in the world (and we know, we searched for two years for them!)

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The good news is our work has been recognised by the Ethisphere Institute in New York, who awarded us an ethical Oscar as one of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies" in 2013 and 2014.

There’s nothing like knowing its All Good!

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

All Good is committed to bringing New Zealanders Fairtrade, organic and sustainable food and drinks made from ingredients which are good for the growers that produce them and good for the land that they're grown on, so they're good for you as a consumer.

Our Fairtrade and Certified Organic bananas are sourced directly from the El Guabo Cooperative of 430 small family farms in Ecuador. El Guabo is one of the oldest Fairtrade cooperatives in the world, and some of the farms have been passed down for generations. The All Good team has visited El Guabo to see firsthand the impact of Fairtrade on small communities, and the Fairtrade premium we pay back to El Guabo goes into valuable community projects such as schools and healthcare. Fairtrade gives the farmers of El Guabo the security of a stable price for their produce and the independence to make decisions for their own futures. Fairtrade also bans the use of over 120 chemicals commonly used in fruit production, meaning that the farms are healthy, stable and sustainable.

All Good's drinks are made with a range of Fairtrade and Organic ingredients sourced from communities all over the world. Our hero is Karma Cola, made from an original recipe which combines real cola nut from the Boma village in Sierra Leone with natural spices; cinnamon, nutmeg and coriander with lemon, lime and orange oils, vanilla bean grown by the Huiwani Fairtrade Cooperative in Papua New Guinea and organically grown and processed sugar cane from the Manduvira Fairtrade Organic Farmers in Paraguay. We use organic malt extract for flavor and colour,instead of nasty burnt sugar or caramel, and we don’t use artificial colouring, preservatives or phosphoric acid.

With Karma Cola what goes around really does come around. Every time you drink it, part of the proceeds from each bottle sold will go back to the Boma Village in Sierra Leone. This has already helped to build a bridge between the old and new parts of the village, and will also help to build a fresh water well, processing centre and store for crops, and help to buy tools to rehabilitate the cola plantations to help the Mende people to grow and sell more cola nut.

Certifications & sustainability programmes

Fairtrade Certified
BioGro Certified
Conscious Consumers Accredited

Sustainability Awards

On Ethisphere's list of World's Most Ethical Companies in 2013 and 2014

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