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Applied Chemicals NZ is a NZ owned manufacturer and wholesaler of tailored industrial chemical solutions backed by proactive service & technical support. Industries supplied include: food & meat, transport, engineering, hospitality, laundry & print.

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

We promote sustainable practice in New Zealand and support other businesses who are on the path to becoming sustainable. We attend forums with other like minded businesses, where ideas and experiences are exchanged assisting us to succeed with our sustainability goals.

Applied NZs’ commitment
Our aim is to take responsibility for our products to the end of their life cycle.

Environmental Initiatives
Applied NZ has the following key environmental commitments:

1) To source all office supplies from suppliers that have a commitment to environmental sustainability which is reflected in their product range;
2) Aim to maximise recycling of all consumables within the operation with the overall goal of zero waste to landfill;
3) To instigate a packaging return scheme for all packaging / containers that Applied NZ sells product in. Applied NZ already collects the larger containers (drums and bulk tanks) and a large proportion of the smaller containers (5's and 20's) from its distributors and direct customers. This scheme will operate within greater Auckland initially and then the North Island. Any packaging that is in suitable condition will be cleaned and reused. Any damaged packaging will be recycled. All 5lt containers are suitable for recycling. Even our labels are now recyclable!

Applied NZ sees sustainable business practices as critical to the long-term wellbeing of New Zealand and the world and has made a commitment to up hold the values of the Sustainable Business Network.

Certifications & sustainability programmes

AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 accredited since 1997, we are proud members of the Sustainable Business Network.

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