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Chariot is a carpooling and ride-sharing application for Android and iOS which brings together people and communities travelling the same way, is easy to use, affordable, safe, ticks all the legal check boxes and takes cars off our congested roads.


Chariot is a mobile app that is giving thousands of New Zealanders a safe, quick and easy way to car pool - that is legally compliant for any New Zealander with a standard driving licence.

Unlike taxi-models developed by companies such as Uber, Chariot’s unique algorithm compensates drivers purely for a passengers genuine ‘cost share’ - based on kilometres travelled, fuel used and vehicle wear and tear. This allows drivers to “rent out” spare seats in their vehicles in a one-off trip or daily commute and gives passengers the cheapest ‘car ride’ in town, whether they are going to work (recurring rides for commuting people), into town (one-off short rides), or between our cities (long haul rides).

Driver and passenger reviews, cashless payments through the app, user identity and vehicle verification tests helps to ensure a safe and social experience for all in a trusted environment. Chariot will also allow female passengers to only be matched with female drivers if this is their preference.

By making car-pooling truly accessible to all NZ drivers and passengers, Chariot has the potential to transform the way Kiwi’s travel; delivering cost and time efficiencies, reduced road and parking congestion, long term reduction in the cost of infrastructure, and environmental benefits to individuals, employees and businesses, and ultimately the communities we all live in.


Chariot is probably the first of its kind in NZ (and possibly Australasia) due to its innovative ability to handle different services like “long haul trips”, “inner-city short trips” and “recurring rides for commuters” all within the same, intuitive and easy to use User Interface (UI).

Chariot’s innovative “waypoint matching algorithm” is first to market in NZ and will help to match passengers with drivers along a portion of the driver’s intended route. This means on a long haul ride a driver could pick-up and drop off many passengers that fall within his route.

While broadly similar apps or websites are available, Chariot’s difference is based on the following:

  1. Flexibility to accommodate different forms of travel from daily one-off or recurring rides to long haul
  2. Innovative “waypoint matching algorithm” improves matching of users on overlapping trip sections
    of around 72%.
  3. Chariot app is a multisided platform, available on Android and iOS that can handle users who could
    be both passenger and driver.
  4. Model works within a genuine cost-sharing agreement, making drivers exempt under Land Transport
    legislation, so no Passenger Endorsement is required
  5. Rather than generating a driver profit, Chariot users, who can be both passengers and drivers,
    are just looking to share a ride and share the costs of a journey.

Other points of difference and innovation are:

  • Chariot Corporate Model – a software-as-service solution that assesses an individual company’s needs,
    employee travel patterns and helps improve commuting outcomes for staff and the business.
  • Chariot HomeFree – an initiative for eligible employees that offers a guaranteed free ride home in case
    of emergency, removing uncertainty and making it easier for employees and businesses to create their
    own car-pooling communities.

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?


Chariot is likely to “disrupt” public transport and taxi services; and of course Chariot will help the environment —
it will take cars off the road by encouraging people to share their vehicles. In some areas Chariot may be replacing public transport.

For people who live in the city without owning a car, Chariot is an affordable alternative to easily get around town; it can be even cheaper than owing a car. So, what if people own a car and now have the opportunity to rent out empty seats in their car for the 80% of the time they’re travelling alone? They can get back portions of their travel and vehicle costs by renting out up to three of their spare seats.

Chariot will form communities, and communities are an essential part of any society that wants to improve
the quality of life of everyone involved. People using Chariot may even find love on joint trips, or at least make
new friends.

We believe that Chariot is going to help build a stronger economy, a more sustainable and efficient transportation system and help keep New Zealand green. Such positive effects will be present in every part of people’s life; it will improve their financial situation, their relationships, and the air they breathe. Sharing of goods and commodities is the future, and the future is looking bright.

Furthermore, moving away from investing into building roads, to investing in technology and a carpooling concept like Chariot is far less costly than investing in infrastructure improvements. Council rates can be maintained at the same level but also spend for improving quality, safety, parks, playgrounds in the community.
Chariot also helps to ease the huge expense that mass transportation takes on the environment. Personal vehicles cause a good percentage of CO2 emissions and almost all of these cars are travelling with empty seats. By filling those seats with friendly rideshare partners, we will also be getting the benefits of creating new
social bonds.

Sustainability Awards

Finalist in the Community Innovation category of the 2016 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards

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