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Chow:Hill is a Total Design company . The purpose of Total Design is to create memorable places by transforming our clients' dreams to reality. Total Design involves a seamless process of dreaming, defining, designing and delivery.

Place-making results in physical environments which express the uniqueness of a particular place, community and culture and it is an opportunity to contribute positively to human environments.

The essence of Total Design is the shared experience of design thinking, collaboration and service excellence, providing a framework and language for developing creative solutions across any business sector, demographic, market and geographic location, and any project type.

We have design teams within five disciplines - Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Interior Design and Health. We work with many external design partners: collaborative engagement with creative people in other areas of knowledge and expertise leads to profound and sustainable solutions.


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What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

At heart we are a design organisation. Equally, we want to be a sustainable business. What does that mean?

It means that for us sustainability is not an add-on to our business, nor is it a narrow concern for environmental or ecological issues only. Instead, some time ago we made a commitment to sustainability and developed a set of strategies within the recognised framework of People, Planet and Prosperity.

Sustainable action permeates everything we do in our relationships with internal and external stakeholders, across our project work within social and ecological settings, and the manner in which we operate responsibly as a commercial enterprise. For Chow:Hill it comes down to making a difference.

We enjoy working with others of similar aspirations. This fits with who we are and our inclusive Total Design ethos, and is an ideal we continually strive to reach.

Certifications & sustainability programmes

2014 is our fourth year of reporting on our business through a Company Social Responsibility (CSR) framework. This report aims to broadly and simply describe, evaluate & explain the impacts, both positive and negative, of our activities while also identifying our future performance targets.

For the first time our CSR is web-based, where previously it has been produced as a downloadable interactive PDF. Previous reports remain available should you wish to view them.

We invite you to read about our progress towards sustainability in the 'About Us' page of our website

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