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We specialise in the assessment and certification of management systems. Amongst other programmes we offer certification to internationally recognised standards for Environmental Management (i.e. ISO 14001), Energy Management, Carbon Footprints, etc.

We were established in 1994 and since then we have grown to be a well-recognized international brand with an extensive network of international offices and assessors. We have certified over ten thousand clients around the world and we currently offer more than thirty certification programs.

We are totally customer focused as we offer a value-added service and we endeavour to give our clients the true benefits of assessment and certification by not only looking for compliance but also looking for opportunities for improvement.

Among other certification programmes such as Quality (i.e. ISO 9001), Safety (i.e. AS/NZS 4801, OHSAS 18001), Food Safety etc.  International Certifications Ltd is offering a range of services to help businesses implementing solutions and demonstrating credibility with regards to their business’ Sustainability. We run training courses on environmental management and offer certifications of EMS, carbon footprints, energy management systems etc. to internationally recognized standards such as ISO 14001, ISO 14064-1, ISO 50001 etc. Amongst SMEs our range of Warranty Standard certifications (i.e. EcoWarranty) are very popular as a user friendly alternative to the ISO standards and are well recognized among New Zealand companies and councils to demonstrate environmental best practice.

Some of our Programmes:

Environmental Management

Environmental management system certification basically requires the organisation to monitor and manage its impact on the environment. By controlling risks and creating improvements, not only will the organisation be protecting the environment but will also bring bottom line benefits to the performance of the company. By identifying operational inefficiencies organisations can reduce the environmental impact of their operation while reducing the costs of inefficient resource consumption.

International Certifications offer the following environmental management certification programs:

ISO 14001

ISO 14001:2008




Carbon Footprint Verification

Carbon Management (GHG Validation & Verification) is all about having effective formalised systems in place to measure, minimise and mitigate (optional) a company’s carbon footprint.  Basically an organisation calculates its carbon footprint, minimises its carbon emissions where possible, and if it wishes to claim carbon neutrality it offsets the residual balance (one way to do this is by purchasing credible carbon credits).

International Certifications offer the following carbon footprint verification programs:

ISO 14064-1

ISO 14064-1:2006

Carbon Warranty

Carbon Warranty

Energy Management Systems

Energy is a critical component in most organization’s operations and one that has major environmental as well as cost implications. Reducing energy related costs can have a huge impact on an organization’s bottom line performance. Therefore it makes good financial as well as environmental sense to manage this component systematically.

International Certifications offer the following energy management certification program:

ISO 50001

ISO 50001:2011

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What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

We have extensive experience in successfully delivering training progammes and certifications to improve environmental practices amongst a wide range of businesses in New Zealand. International Certifications Ltd has delivered training progammes (for example the EcoSmartBusiness Programme) in collaboration with the Auckland Council, EECA and the EMA where businesses learned how to implement effective environmental management Systems (EMS) to improve their environmental footprint by improving efficiency, reducing waste and saving costs.

Certifications & sustainability programmes

We carry out certification assessments ourselves and issue certificates to companies to the above mentioned standards and programmes once compliance was confirmed.

With regards to sustainability we are accredited by JAS-ANZ to ISO 17021-2: Competence requirements for auditing and certification of environmental management systems.

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