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We offer a through-the-line digital service – everything from strategy and ideation all the way through to execution. We also work across a variety of mediums in the digital and interactive space.

Here at Method, we take our work seriously and work hard to ensure our clients are happy at every step of the process. But we’re also a lot of fun to work with and easily approachable – all of our clients will attest to that. They enjoy working with us because we’re honest, down to earth and passionate about ensuring we deliver. When we work with a client we’re fully absorbed in their business and ensure we have a good understanding of the business requirements and target audiences of any given project. We will question and challenge you to ensure we are working to produce the best results for you and your customers.

We specialise in:

-  Innovation and strategy workshops
-  User research
-  Customer journey development
-  Ideation and conceptual design
-  Visual design
-  Prototyping
-  User experience and interface design
-  Responsive websites and web applications
-  Native mobile applications and game development
-  Content strategies and copywriting
-  Event and installation design
-  Virtual and augmented reality
-  Video, animation and motion graphics
-  Marketing, promotion and advertising

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

Method endeavour to make a conscious reduction in our environmental impact through resource consumption, use of equipment and utilities. We aim to work with clients that share the same ethics:
We have helped to implement and create the WQ Smart console - the ‘smart console’ tracks live data from sensors placed throughout the site to showcase energy use, people movement and water source. We also show static progress on targets through infographics. We are now in our second phase development and including more real-time data from new sensors and reporting on targets that have been reached.
The platform transforms complex data sets into digestible information that engages with a broad audience ranging from invested stakeholders and local council, to future Wynyard Quarter residents and the general public at large.
From this project we are now working with Panuku Development Auckland’s Senior Advisor Sustainability to develop further ideas and concepts – some of which include: mobile apps used for gathering and sharing information within Wynyard Quarter for sustainability purposes, measurement and tracking of sustainability for buildings and companies (including showcasing live data through in building screens), consumer focused executions that tell the story of the quarter and engage consumers to learn more.

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