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NativeAwa are the specialists in Intensive Native Planting and Floating Wetlands in NZ. As shared guardians of the land, we work to create a habitat and ecosystem that enables biodiversity and positive environmental outcomes for a sustainable future.

From revegetation planting projects, to wetland development, consulting and floating wetland projects.  We respect New Zealand’s heritage and carefully consider how our work will affect New Zealand’s future environment.

NativeAwa brings integrity, experience and quality workmanship to Intensive Native Planting projects for long-term sustainability, working with Iwi, local government, farm owners, consultants, urban & rural developers, home owners and all New Zealand communities.

We have developed and implemented a New Zealand made floating wetlands system that is affordable and versatile. Individual raft size is 1.2 x 1.0 m. The NativeAwa Floating Wetland Rafts are robust and feature a unique dog-bone hinging system, which allows for overall flexibility, accommodates water movement and enables each project to be custom-made to suit specific requirements. Developed and manufactured by experts, NativeAwa’s Floating Wetland system is also aesthetically pleasing and can be used in ponds (including effluent ponds), treatment plants (stormwater and wastewater) and small lakes.

You will deal exclusively with NativeAwa owner Robert Shearer, who will guide you through every step of the process – from your initial site consultation and development, through to planting and maintenance. NativeAwa gets the job done on time and on budget!

NZ owned and operated, the NativeAwa business was launched by partners Robert Shearer and Vanessa Browne as Cleanerenviro in 2012. Robert and Vanessa are genuine people who love New Zealand and its environment. Integrity and values are the cornerstone of the NativeAwa business.

Robert’s farming and landscape construction background means that he gets results. Robert knows the land – he took his first steps on the farm at Reporoa aged 1. He is honest, hard-working and humble and yet is a big picture thinker, who prides himself in making a difference and ensuring that parts of the bigger puzzle are solved.

Community is at the core of what we do. We do our best to source our plants from local suppliers and work with local contractors on our large-scale projects.

“Rivers, streams, wetlands, lakes, springs are the foundation of our lives, supporting farms, industry, families and communities – NativeAwa are committed to contributing towards restoring water quality in New Zealand.” Robert Shearer – NativeAwa owner

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

NativeAwa are contributing to a more Sustainable NZ with our core products and services:

- Intensive Native Planting
Benefits of NativeAwa Intensive Native Planting:
Protection of soil and water on the land
A catchment area for run off, of nutrients, pollutants & fine sediments
Improvement of habitat for birdlife, fishlife & insects …. including BEES! Creating an ecosystem and supporting the overall health and value of the land,
Maximisation of land use – planting unproductive areas
Erosion control, shelter and protection of our environment
Creating surroundings that are aesthetically pleasing
Kaitiakitanga (Maori belief of the kinship between humans and the natural world expressed through managing the environment. Source:teara govt nz))

- Floating Wetlands System

Benefits of NativeAwa’s Floating Wetlands:

High-density planting increases nitrate uptake and provides a support habitat for microorganisms that break down waste products (nitrates, fine sediments, metals and pollutants) in our ponds.
The large custom-made surface area creates a large surface area for the microbes to attach to.
Nature does all the work in the floating wetland plant growth, however NativeAwa’s Floating Wetland rafts provide a robust support system for plant growth as well as a habitat for bird and fish life.
The rafts provide erosion and sediment control.
NativeAwa’s artifical floating wetlands system is easily adapted to suit the particular environmental requirements.
NativeAwa’s system is environmentally conscious, using no resins or polystyrenes. They are manufactured locally. The compact raft size reduces transport requirements – approximately 700 rafts fit into one truck and trailer unit, reducing the carbon footprint.
Over time, a natural ecosystem evolves providing a sustainable solution that requires minimal maintenance.

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