Powersmart Solar.

PowerSmart Solar is a multi-award winning Solar Power Company. We are New Zealand's most experienced Solar PV company and have local installers throughout the country. We use only quality solar panels that are backed by extensive warranties.

We are New Zealand's leading solar power company, having successfully installed over 30,000 panels.

Because we know that every person is an individual, all our systems are custom designed. This means that our customers end up with a bespoke system designed for their particular lifestyle and situation. PowerSmart also believes in looking after our customers, so we do all the paperwork and applications, therefore making the whole process easy for you.

We use world class components, designed by accredited professionals that generate more power than ever before.

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

Greater Power, Greater Life

We are giving people a choice about where they get their power from. By using solar panels to generate their power, people are able to minimise their exposure to power companies. Not only that, the electricity generated using solar PV is clean and green emitting no green house gases or even noise.

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