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The Soil & Health Assn of NZ are dedicated to the preservation of healthy food, healthy soil and home gardening and organic production. We are the publishers of Organic NZ magazine which has a wealth of organic information.

The Soil & Health Association of New Zealand is one of the world's oldest organisations dedicated to organic production. Our motto is "healthy soil, healthy food, healthy people".  Since 1941 we have led the debate on issues surrounding health, sustainable development, safe food, pesticides, GE and organic food production.

We are the publishers of Organic NZ magazine which has a wealth of organic information.  When you subscribe to Organic NZ, you become a member of Soil & Health Assn of NZ, a registered charity.

We rely on the generosity of members to continue working on your behalf to create an ORGANIC NZ.

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What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

Soil & Health publish a bi-monthly magazine called Organic NZ which promotes sustainable organic agricultural practices and principles of good health based on sound nutrition and the maxim "healthy soil - healthy food - healthy people". Organic NZ invites producers of goods and services or businesses to advertise on the implicit expectation that they share a philosophical and practical commitment to recognised standards of organic production and sustainability. The message of sustainability is then promoted via the magazine to all members as well as those buying Organic NZ through retail outlets.

Soil & Health continue to lead the debate on issues surrounding health, safe food, pesticides, genetic engineering, sustainable development and organic food production. This ongoing commitment will ensure that others can continue to create an organic and sustainable New Zealand in the future.

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