Space Between.

Space Between addresses clothing and textile waste through better design. We work collaboratively with private and not-for-profit partners to develop a new kind of sustainable fashion system; one that can create value for people, planet and profit.

Born out of Massey University's College of Creative Arts, Space Between is a social enterprise looking at thoughtful new ways to design, make and use locally-produced fashion. Through developing green business models, we explore alternative connections between design, manufacturing systems and consumption habits. 

By using waste materials (such as redundant corporate clothing) and designing in closed-loop solutions, we aim to eliminate the creation of waste from the outset through services, education and research. In collaboration with fashion design students, university researchers, and external partners (NZ Post, Booker Spalding and Earthlink), we address sustainability issues such as resource depletion, consumption and production.

Our debut collection, the Fundamentals range, transformed NZ Post's end-of-life corporate uniforms into upcycled garments. Manufactured locally by Earthlink Apparel in Lower Hutt, Fundamentals is a limited edition, slow fashion antidote to the fast fashion that has become so common place in today's fashion industry.

At Space Between, we believe that waste is design gone wrong. By creating more meaningful engagement with fashion and raising the value of fashion in our everyday lives, we aim to transform the fashion industry, one upcycled garment at a time.

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

The innovation demonstrates solutions for the fashion and textile industry's waste stream (currently post -consumer corporate uniforms) in the form of a capsule limited edition upcycled clothing collection. Upcycling is much more sustainable than recycling. Recycling shouldn’t be the answer; it should be the last resort. It’s estimated that the 20 largest New Zealand organisations whose employees have uniforms use 860,000 garments a year, the majority of which are sent to landfill. The Fundamentals range is designed by Massey fashion researchers and made by EarthLink, a not for profit who opens the door to employment for many people with health and social barriers. It enables designers (students/graduates/lecturers) to harness the ‘waste’ from industry to work together towards a shared goal.

Space Between has the potential to make a meaningful contribution to the economic and social development of New Zealand and other communities globally because it utilises a ‘solution oriented design’ method of addressing waste stream from industry. It creates employment as a social enterprise in partnership with EarthLink, and provides an opportunity for students to integrate real world experiences into their learning. Space Between asks the tertiary sector, private and not-for profit to work together to develop a new kind of sustainable fashion system that can create value for people, planet and profit.

Certifications & sustainability programmes

We have been evaluated by Good On You (, due to be released this month, which measures our labour conditions, sourcing strategies, suppliers, and environmental and animal protection policies and impacts. We are exploring other certifications this year.

Sustainability Awards

We have been a finalist twice in the SBN Innovation Mega Efficiency category (2013, 2015) and a finalist in the Wellington Gold Awards in the Green Gold category (2016). We are now finalists in the Best Awards, in the Public Good Design category (Award ceremony October 2016).

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