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Vector is a leading New Zealand infrastructure group. We own and manage a unique portfolio of energy and fibre optic infrastructure networks in New Zealand. We are also leading a revolution in infrastructure management technology.

Vector keeps the lights on, the gas flowing and provides many other essential services crucial to New Zealand's economic success. Our assets have a key role in delivering energy and communication services to more than one million homes and businesses across New Zealand.

Ensuring these services are delivered safely and reliably to our customers is a well-established part of our business but our focus goes beyond this. We are harnessing our skills and expertise to achieve our vision of creating a new energy future.

We are committed to creating sustainable returns for our shareholders and responsibly managing our business to ensure that our long term financial and non-financial performance meets the needs of our many stakeholders – our customers, people, shareholders, regulators and the community.

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

We provide the infrastructure for more than one million New Zealanders’ energy needs which means we have a responsibility to consider new management solutions for our customers. We seek out the best in international trends and evaluate them for the New Zealand market.

As a result we are investigating and implementing a number of initiatives that will contribute to a sustainable future. This includes our solar, smart metering and Electric Vehicle programmes. In addition we have entered in to strategic partnerships with global companies with complementary expertise and interests.

We are committed to giving our customers more choice and flexibility when it comes to meeting their energy needs. Our partnerships with Tesla, BMW and Mini enable our customers to make sustainable choices and contributes to a more sustainable New Zealand.

Certifications & sustainability programmes

Responsible Care Facility (Kapuni Gas Treatment Plant)

Sustainability Awards

2013 New Zealand’s Innovators Awards
- Category Won: Innovation in Sustainability and Clean-tech
- Vector won this award for our Home Solar Programme. Vector's Home Solar Programme is designed to make solar accessible to everyday people. The programme provides customers with a sustainable choice in energy used to power their homes by making solar power accessible, reliable and intelligent.

2013 New Zealand Sustainable Business Network (SBN) Awards
- Category Won: Renewables – Innovation
- The Renewables-Innovation prize recognises initiatives that meet a pressing need in the increasingly important area of renewable energy
- Vector won this award for our SunGenie solution, part of our Home Solar Programme

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