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YourDrive is New Zealand's first peer to peer vehicle sharing company.

We provide an online marketplace that enables safe peer to peer vehicle sharing. People can list their vehicles and search for vehicles to rent on an hourly, daily or weekly people basis. The marketplace creates an income stream for owners and flexible, varied and cheap vehicle rentals for users.

What or how does your business contribute to a more sustainable NZ?

New Zealand currently has one of the highest vehicle ownership rate in the world and on average our vehicles are used for less than an hour a day. Over 95% of the time our vehicles sit idle clogging our land, roadways and carparks. YourDrive provides a solution to this issue by enabling vehicle owners to rent out their vehicle when they are not using them. It also provides a real alternative to owning a vehicle by allowing users to rent the particular vehicle they require when and where they need it.

When looking at the full life cycle of vehicles the majority of pollution and carbon emissions are in the production and decommissioning. Research out of UC Berkeley shows that every car in a car sharing scheme can take up to 13 other cars off the road. By using YourDrive you greatly reduce New Zealand's demand for new vehicles and you prevent the large amounts pollution and carbon emissions associated with producing those vehicles.

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